It’s Light That Matters

Light at sea. Olympus EM5
Light at sea. Olympus EM5

You will no doubt have heard the advice before, but it’s too easy to forget. We shouldn’t be taking photographs of objects but of the light. It’s the light that illuminates the object, that makes it attractive, captivating or simply ugly. You need to take control of the light to create a great image, but if you can’t, you need to select a subject to suit the light.

I recently went for a walk up Black Combe which rises some 600m from the sea. I was expecting some great landscape views but nothing caught my eye because the light was wrong. Where the light was right is out to sea where there was no shape of form to speak of, just wonderful shafts of light breaking through the cloud. It reminded me of a painting.

So remember, it’s the light that’s critical to great photography.

9 thoughts on “It’s Light That Matters

      1. Sorry, I didn’t realise. I tend to get Leanne’s postings through by email. You know how it is when you are familiar with something, you tend to make assumptions. I really need to get out of that habbit.

      2. No worries! She does mention it in each posting of MMC but I do know how it goes. Unless I speak to someone a few times in here, i can’t even remember who they are lol.

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