Weekend Image No. 006

Heswall Marina, near Liverpool
Heswall Marina, near Liverpool

It’s a day early (because I have a hectic schedule tomorrow and over the weekend) but here is this week’s weekend image and it’s an odd one. The reason I say this is because I like the image when I first look at it and it even prints very nicely. It’s then when I start to look more closely that I grow to dislike it. I can’t quite put my finger on why but I think it’s connected with the contradiction of the scene.

The reflection, composition and nice light give this a very tranquil feel which I like. The location though is outside an old boat yard on an estuary that is quite cluttered and not quite as perfect as perhaps the image suggests. When I look closely into the image I think I start to recognise the imperfections present in image. It’s this contradiction that makes me change my mind – I think.

As you probably don’t recognise the area, I hope you enjoy the image and that my indecision doesn’t influence you.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Image No. 006

  1. Hi Robin, I don’t understand you very much because my poor english. The foreground with the sea and the background with the hills: this can be enigmatic  but the tranquil water is not so. Not armonic  image? RX10 for walk around photography, LX7 as always with you camera: I don’t remember what OMD needs. Hello superlightweight photographer! I wait for your always gentle  words. Best greetings Sergio vianello

    1. Hi Sergio,

      First to explain my camera comments. The RX10 is a great camera which covers a focal range of 24mm-200mm but it doesn’t fit in your pocket. You need to either carry it around your neck or in a small bag. The LX7 fits easily into my pocket but is limited by the focal range of 24mm-90mm. This can be limiting. My OMD produces better image quality than either of these and gives more flexibility. The downside is that it takes a bigger bag to carry it plus 3 lenses. No camera is perfect.

      The image comment is because I like it but it reminds me of the area in which it was taken. The area is not as pretty as the image suggests. I was covered in mud on the day I visited.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Do you remember The Doors?…”we want it…now now? now!” (When the music’s over).
        I want my OMD plus 20-200mm…now!
        Thanks Robin, “this helps”.

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