First problems with the Sony RX10

The colours produced by the RX10 are superb
The colours produced by the RX10 are superb

On Monday I managed to get an outing with the new RX10. It was a day of two halves. The first half was gales and driving rain during which I couldn’t use the Sony. Instead I resorted to trying to shoot with the LX7 but ended up switching that for my Infrared camera. This was because the Infrared GX1 doesn’t need a filter to shoot landscape where the LX7 does and the filters were getting covered in rain.

The second half of the day (about an hour) cleared up but the winds got even stronger. I was blown over several times and my camera bag (full of lenses) actually blew away. I’m not sure it was therefore great weather to judge the performance of the RX10.

Despite this I was able to identify a fairly major failing in the design of the RX10 and it’s one that I can’t believe Sony missed. As I was shooting I started to notice white marks appearing on my images. You can see an example below which I have ringed in red.

Example of the lens reflection. See the red circle in the bottom right.
Example of the lens reflection. See the red circle in the bottom right.

Sometimes these marks weren’t very noticeable but other times they were. In the end I was able to focus the white marks and realised it read “Carl Ziess”. Information about the lens is printed quite boldly in white around the edge. This is quite normal but the RX10 lens edge is angled where this writing appears. When you place a square grad filter over the front of the lens you find the writing around the edge of the lens reflects onto the inside of the grad and you get this strange circular blob.

The easy fix (which I am now adopting) is to place black tape over the writing so that it’s not reflected. This however is ridiculous for a camera of this cost. Do they not field test these before they rush them out to us poor consumers.

21 thoughts on “First problems with the Sony RX10

  1. WOW!! That sounds like a major failing on Sonys part
    Sounds as if you may be the first to have found the issue. Hope they come up with a better fix than your temporary one

    1. I have also reported this to Sony so lets see how responsive they are. This is a shame as I really like the camera. Sony tend to be a very innovative company and the image quality is usually very good from their products.

  2. I agree a simple thing like that for Sony to miss is not good enough, I Would have thought that if Sony had done any field test,s this problem would have shown up.
    Like software the final bugs are left with the consumer to find out.
    Happy Days.


    1. Perhaps they don’t test with third party accessories and Sony dont make square slot in filters. Perhaps they should loan a few cameras to photographers before launching rather than just loaning them to the press.

    1. Thanks.
      I think it’s the Bionz X processor actually living up to all the hype. I understand it’s full 16bit unlike most of the other cameras on the market which are 14. Whatever it is, I agree that they are spectacular and noticeably good from this camera. I can’t wait to try it out properly but the weather in the UK is dreadful at the moment.

  3. I was think that perhaps a more elegant solution could be paint the letters with a black permanent marker. But I think that could be a bit risky if it dilute on the lens (Zeiss :S) surface. BTW nice landscape.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback on the image. I thought also about the marker but it could also affect the resale value if I ever want to sell the camera. The divider tape is working great though and I do recommend it as a fix for anyone who has the problem.

  4. HI there, just wondering if you have heard of any fixes for this problem (apart from tape). I was seriously looking at this camera and this has made me have second thoughts.

    1. No I haven’t seen anyone else who has been having a problem. Neither have I had a reply from Sony other than thanks for your email. It’s a nice camera but not as good as a micro 43 system. the tape solution works really well though so don’t let that put you off.

  5. That’s the problem with this company, they just rush stuff and half-make the camera just to sell and fool people with the features… I have a problem with the FZ200, which cost me $650 just released. The problem with the camera is that on the AVCHD recording mode, the videos goes almost 3 stop darker than the MP4 mode, but in the MP4 mode the video shows some pix-elated video, which look awful as it was shoot in 144p, but not all the entire video, just the entire center from left to right, which ruined a lot of my family event, beside the F/2.8 its just a marketing gimmick since the tiny sensor (1/2.3” non BSI ) doesn’t help it a lot cause at ISO 400 with not so “low-light” situation, you get a lot of noise… so now I stop buying Panasonic crappy cameras…

    1. That’s really unfortunate to hear. I used to use Panasonic a lot because I found them quite innovative and in touch with Photographers. More recently I think they have forgotten about the poor Photographer. Some of these companies need to get in touch with and listen properly to the views of their customers.

  6. Bingo, I was confused as to what was causing this on my RX10, well done for identifying this issue, I knew it was only when I fitted a filter but couldnt figure it out……nice one 🙂

    1. I’m pleased that you found it helpful. I couldn’t work it out either at first until I sharpened one of the image and then could read the writing. I never did get a decent response from Sony over this.

      1. WRT the camera, I bought it on Ebay pristine condition for a good price, initially I couldn’t quite think where it fitted in for me as it isnt quite as good in low light as my Nikon D5200, and doesn’t have the reach of my Canon SX280 compact (which in decent light is very good), but now I have used it I just love the image quality and the detail it produces, its a great lens, the video is also excellent thanks again

      2. No problem. Sounds as though your loving the camera. I too started by wondering how it fit with my existing kit. I bought it to exercise the demon of a Sony R1 that I had previously owned and sold too soon. The RX10 is a modern day version but with a smaller sensor. I now use this as my main camera when out walking. Its perfect. The quality is high and the battery life good. No messing around changing lenses either. I hope you enjoy yours as much.

  7. Looking and reading some of the reviews on the new Fuji cameras, the company certainly seams to be listening to user’s remarks and suggestions, and incorporating some of these suggestions as Fuji think fit to do so. There are a number of pro photographers who have ditched Cannon and Nikon and gone over to Fuji.

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