Free Lightroom Printing Article

Natural colours like these need special attention when printing. I have found Lightroom to be a particularly good solution.
Natural colours such as these found in the Artist Palette in Death Valley need special attention when printing. I have found Lightroom to be a particularly good solution. Click the image to see a larger version.

Last week was a big week for me. After 5 years of painfully slow service I decided to replace my PC. The PC in question is an old quad core HP with 1TB storage across 2 hard drives running Vista 64bit and 4GB of memory. It was state of the art 5 years ago but is now painfully slow. To give you some idea it takes 40 minutes to start up. My new PC starts in under 30 seconds running Windows 8. I also want to say that I now hate Microsoft with a vengeance for what they have done to the Windows operating system and the amount of time I am now wasting trying to find my way around.

Anyway, the point of this blog post is that it took me most of last week to migrate my computer data and install all my software to the new system. In all this activity I forgot to post that I had just added a new comprehensive article to the Members area of my Lenscraft website covering Printing in Lightroom. So if you are a Lightroom user you can download it for free by following this link – you do need to be signed in as a member but joining is also free.

Alternatively you can wait for it to be published on ePHOTOzine some time in the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Free Lightroom Printing Article

  1. “40 minutes to start up.” “I hate Microsoft with a vengeance.” “My new PC…”

    What’s wrong with this picture? A 5-year-old Mac runs as fast as the day you bought it, if not faster.

  2. Windows 8 is great when you get used to it. When I got my new computer with Windows 8 I thought the same as you as Microsoft has changed the way that we use Windows beyond all belief.
    I found that an excellent way to get to grips with Windows 8 is to get a copy of Professor Teaches Windows 8.

    1. I don’t want to turn this into a love/hate Microsoft post but thee are a lot of things that I use in the course of my business that I now can’t seem to get at. Hidden in the depths of Widows I suspect. I don’t have the time to spend reading through lots of tech journals and books; I did that years ago and knew where everything was until Windows 8. I hate it.

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