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Friday Image No.98 & Thank You

Cannon Beach, Oregon. Olympus EM5, 45mm, 0.4" at f/7.1 and ISO200
Cannon Beach, Oregon. Olympus EM5, 45mm, 0.4″ at f/7.1 and ISO200

I love being by the sea, especially when its sunset. This image was taken at Cannon Beach in Oregon. The sun had set around 30 minutes earlier and most people had cleared off the beach. There were just a handful of photographers left and the light was well balanced. A sea mist had also started to roll in which crated a lovely soft haze. This was taken with quite a long lens to help compress the scene. I also cropped out the unwanted foreground as I wasn’t able to get a close to the scene as I would have liked.

I would also like to take a moment and say thank you to all the people who has taken the time to provide feedback to my last post. I’m planning to give this real thought over the weekend and then update on my plans. I really appreciate all the support.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.


Friday Image No.97

Canon Beach, Oregon.
Canon Beach, Oregon.

One of the things that I love most about the Olympus EM5 is the stabilization. It allows me to shoot at some ridiculously slow speeds that just shouldn’t be possible. Sometimes I do set the camera to burst mode and fire off 5 or 6 shots. Doing this I can be pretty sure that at least one of the images will be sharp.

The shot above is one such example where I shot handheld at 1/3”. Strangely, I then decided to add some blur to the image (around the edges) as the image looked too sharp. At least I had the choice to do this though. Had the shot been slightly blurred to start with it wouldn’t have worked.

Have a great weekend.

Friday Image No.90

Sunset view in the Yorkshire Dales from above Malham. Sony A7r + Canon 24-70 lens at 24mm. ISO 100, f/16.0, 1/15" shutter. Tripod mounted with a 0.3 ND graduated filter on the sky.
Sunset view in the Yorkshire Dales from above Malham. Sony A7r + Canon 24-70 lens at 24mm. ISO 100, f/16.0, 1/15″ shutter. Tripod mounted with a 0.3 ND graduated filter on the sky.

I was pulling a late one tonight and was so tied up with getting some urgent work done, I almost forgot to post the Friday Image. This was shot last Saturday in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s hard to believe this was almost a week ago. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Just a Reminder

Sunset view across Manchester. Canon G7X pocket camera.
Sunset view across Manchester. Canon G7X pocket camera.

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded but it’s a good idea to carry a camera at all times. I have to admit though that I haven’t been doing this for quite a long time. Fortunately, I took the G7X along with me to a site where I was working and managed to capture this spectacular sunset through the window.

Friday image No.041

Rough Seas. Olympus EM5. See text for details of settings.

I did wonder whether to post this shot or not. If you look hard at the image you find it feels cluttered. It isn’t a great composition (because there wasn’t much to compose). It’s also a grab shot.

You see I shot this whilst spending ages fighting with the Nikon D800 on a tripod. I couldn’t get into position on very slippery seaweed covered rocks. In the end, in total frustration I fired off this shot with the Olympus EM5 which was over my shoulder.

You shouldn’t be able to handhold shots like this at sunset, but you can with the EM5. The base ISO is 200 (as used here). The lens is the superb Olympus 12-40 f/2.8 set at 12mm. The aperture was f/4.0 giving a shutter speed of 1/60″. And yes, it is sharp and has sufficient depth of field. Try that with a full frame camera.

I should also add that I used a 0.6 (2 stop) neutral density graduated filter on the sky. It was one of the Lee Seven 5 series which I am very impressed with.

Now as cluttered as the scene is, it also conveys the feeling of a stormy sea well. It also has some great light on the water. It’s this feeling of stormy light that comes across to me every time I look at the image. So whilst it may not be an accomplished photographic composition I think the image works well because it has emotion – at least for me.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday Image No. 023

Olympus EM5 + 0.3 ND Grad filter
Olympus EM5 + Panasonic 14-45mm + 0.3 ND Grad filter. Click the image to see the larger version.

After a short break last week I wanted to share a new Friday Image. This was taken just over a week ago in Cornwall. We went down to St Ives which is a lovely Cornish village if you have never had the opportunity to visit. The light there is amazing and some of the atmospheric effects at sunset can be spectacular.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Update 18/08/14

Someone recently sent me a link to a competition. I don’t normally enter these but thought I would give it a shot seeing as how one of my favourite subjects is the sea. Here is the link for anyone out there who is interested in trying their hand also. The compertition is being run by Cruise.co.uk


There are also some cracking pictures on the judges site so well worth a look.