Friday Image 006

In all my dashing around today I almost forgot to post my Friday image. I quite like the discipline of trying to create and post an image a week. I know others seem to manage one or more a day but I have too much else on to be able to make such a commitment. … Continue reading Friday Image 006

Technology Marches On

Yesterday, for some reason I was looking back at some images I shot a year ago in Norway, including the one shown above. At the time my lightweight travel camera was a Panasonic GF1 which soon after I upgraded to a GX1. At the time I was very happy with this camera and the quality … Continue reading Technology Marches On

Panoramic Photography with Lightweight Cameras

Recently I realised there was a feature I was missing from the Sony NEX camera that I sold last year. This is the sweep panoramic where you simply sweep the camera horizontally or vertically to produce a panoramic when taking the shot. I thought this was a great feature and one that I could have … Continue reading Panoramic Photography with Lightweight Cameras

Why I Changed my Camera

In the past I have received quite a bit of correspondence from people wondering why I changed my camera from the Sony NEX-5 to a GX1. There is also a fairly regular flow of people wondering what I think of the GX1 or the Panasonic system in general and is it worth investing in. Since … Continue reading Why I Changed my Camera

New Lightweight Definition

New Lightweight Definition Lofoten Islands, Norway March 2012 Copyright: Robin Whalley 2012 - but feel free to repost and share Contact: When I decided to start this blog it was my intention to discuss the creation of great photography of professional quality using lightweight equipment; that is smaller and lighter than the usual DSLR … Continue reading New Lightweight Definition