Instagram and Friday Image No.231

Whakarewarewa Forest Redwood Trees

Redwood trees in Whakarewarewa Forest near to Rotorua, New Zealand. Fuji X-T2, 18-135 lens, ISO1600, 1/8" @ f/7.1. I’ve had an Instagram account since early 2012 but never really bothered with it. In fact, the only reason I signed up was that I liked some of the filter effects. Recently though I’ve started sharing some … Continue reading Instagram and Friday Image No.231

Friday Image No.153

Last week I published a tree image that I had shot in the woods near to Harrogate. I also said I had another image that I would publish this week and I have failed miserably. I even forgot to post anything mid-week for which I apologise. This Friday post is therefore the missing tree image. … Continue reading Friday Image No.153

Infrared Processing

A few people have written me recently asking about how to process Infrared images and how I go about processing mine. If you’re interested, I created a short tutorial and accompanying video which are posted on Lenscraft. These explain how the image above was processed. Enjoy

Friday Image No.96

Whilst on my recent road trip I captured this image. What I like is that it could have been anywhere and that I didn’t need to travel to the US to shoot it. My wife thinks I’m mad travelling all that way to take pictures of leaves. I suspect some of the people passing by … Continue reading Friday Image No.96

Don’t Forget Camera Calibration

There is an often forgotten panel at the bottom of the development controls in Lightroom’s Develop module and that’s Camera Calibration. Here you can select the profile that’s used to convert the RAW file into an image. It sorts out how image data in the RAW maps to colours and tones in the finished image. … Continue reading Don’t Forget Camera Calibration