The Olympus 12-40 Sweet Spot

I have noticed that when shooting with the Olympus EM5 I have become very lazy about setting the aperture. I have fallen into the habit of shooting at f/7.1 when using the 12-40mm lens. Unless there is something that’s very close to the camera I find that I can get away with using this aperture … Continue reading The Olympus 12-40 Sweet Spot

GX1 Depth of Field

I am growing tired of seeing the same advice trotted out time and time again about Landscape Photography. The advice that has me so wound up is that “if you want to get a full depth of field you need to use a very small aperture”. This advice has almost been carved in tablets of … Continue reading GX1 Depth of Field

Select the Right Aperture – Part 3

The final post in the series... Compact mirror less cameras such as Micro 4/3 are slightly different from this. Most seem to be good performers from wide open, hit their best performance when stopped down by one stop and then gradually tail off as diffraction kicks in. The cameras do however have a huge advantage … Continue reading Select the Right Aperture – Part 3

Select the Right Aperture – Part 2

Copyright: Robin Whalley, 2011Continued from previous blog...So, looking at the use of aperture to control depth of field is actually a very effective tool for doing this and depth of field is a key creative decision you need to make when capturing your images. Let’s say you want to create a portrait but the background … Continue reading Select the Right Aperture – Part 2

Select the Right Aperture – Part 1

Last Thursday night I was presenting at Bolton Camera Club. It was a good evening with lots of discussion, especially when I pulled out the sample prints I had taken. A lot of the members looking at the prints made from my LX5 compact Camera were surprised by the not only the quality and detail … Continue reading Select the Right Aperture – Part 1