Washing Your Colours

I’m sure you have experienced it. You shoot a nice image but when you come to process it, you just can’t seem to achieve a good colour balance. The image above is one such example. No matter how much I tried to adjust the Colour Temperature and Tint in Lightroom, I couldn’t get it to [...]

Friday Image No.77

When I look at this image it’s easy to forget how difficult the conditions were. This is a three image stitch using the Sony A7r with a Canon 16-35 L series lens. One shot, even with the wide angle of the 16mm wasn’t sufficient to catch the entire scene. Metering was another problem. The contrast [...]

The Rain Has Stopped

Today there was a break in the rain so I took the opportunity to go for a walk. Ordinarily I would take the RX10 for such outings as I don’t need to worry about leaving anything behind. It’s a great all in one camera. Today though I decided to take the Panasonic GM1 with its [...]

No Photography but More Filters

Happy New Year. I don’t know what the weather has been like where you live but here it has been dreadful of late. It has rained and then rained even more. Between Christmas and New Year many areas around here were flooded with record levels being recorded in every river in Lancashire. To give you [...]

Focus Stacking

  One of the great advantages of small sensor cameras for the Landscape photographer is the increased depth of field that can be achieved, even at relatively wide apertures. For example, I shoot most of my landscapes with the Olympus EM5 set to f/8.0 where the image quality is still excellent and depth of field [...]

Friday Image No.76

I thought for this week’s Friday Image I would share a photo I shot during a recent holiday in Dorset. This is the beach just outside Bournemouth and was one of the few times that it stopped raining. The wind however was ferocious pretty much the entire time. I have decided to share both the [...]

Gamut Warnings in Photoshop and Vivez

I was recently editing an image with Nik Viveza when I noticed some silvery dots appearing. When I zoomed in to 100% magnification I could see these dots a little larger and they seemed to be covering areas of very saturated colour. The Gamut warning feature was back, or perhaps it never went away. Gamut [...]