Yes, another door but…

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Potasi, Bolivia

Yes, I know it’s another door pic but I’m publishing this one because I have added a tutorial to Lenscraft describing the processing. If you are interested in either the processing or the starting image you can find out more in the Tutorials section with this link.

Working on Doors Again

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Doorway in Potasi, Bolivia. Olympus EM5, ISO400, f/5.6

I finally seem to be getting the new website under control after a lot of effort. All email enquiries have been answered. Best of all, people are logging in and like the site. Success!

It’s been nice today to find some time to start processing some of the 5,000+ images I shot in Bolivia. Above you can see another of the door images. If you like doors there is an almost endless supply of great material in Bolivia.

My idea at the time was to shoot a collection of images which would make an interesting series or project. The first 21 images are now on the Lenscraft website in a dedicated gallery called not surprisingly “Interesting Doors“. I hope you take a look and enjoy the photography.

Friday image No.038

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Bolivia at night. Olympus EM5, Samyang fisheye lens, f/3.5, ISO800, 73 second exposure.

This week’s image was just for a bit of fun and experimentation. Whilst I was in Bolivia I was camped half way up a volcano at around 4,300m. The sky was as clear as anything and the star show amazing. I decided to pop the camera on a tripod, whack on the old fisheye lens and see what I could capture. This is the result.

Sure the stars are moving and therefore a little blurred due to the long exposure. Despite this I am rather impressed by what the EM5 and a Samyang fisheye lens can actually achieve. I now wish I had locked open the shutter and captured some star trails. Mind you it was damned cold and I couldn’t wait to get under canvas.

Have a great weekend everyone.

What a great group of people you are

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Doorway in Potasi, Bolivia
Doorway in Potasi, Bolivia

I just wanted to post a quick note to say thank you for all your messages of support. After my problems with the Lenscraft site migration yesterday and my follow up email today, I have been inundated with replies. It appears I am forgiven (thank you) and that the consensus opinion is that you like the new website.

I’m now feeling much better about events so thank you. I also thought I would share this door image from my Bolivia trip (I managed to shoot hundreds of these).

Website woes

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Cloud over the salt flats at uyuni, bolivia
Cloud over the salt flats at uyuni, bolivia

Today, as with yesterday I have spent the day trying to migrate my Lenscraft site to WordPress. The easy part was building the site. The difficult part has been trying to migrate almost 3,000 user accounts over to the new site.

Actually that wasn’t the hard part. The hard part has been trying to notify people of the move. I thought I would be helpful and include peoples user names in the email I sent out. My email software had other ideas and has replaced some peoples (not everyone’s) user name with the word “Yes”. You can imagine the confusion this is causing and I’m frantically trying to email people as they raise a query. So if you are affected, please continue to use your original user name that you registered.

To cheer me up I thought I would share another Bolivia image. This time it’s of a cloud over the salt flats. I like the shadow it casts.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Back from Bolivia

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Hostle Courtyard, Potasi, Bolivia
Hostle Courtyard, Potasi, Bolivia

I’m back from my recent break and want to apologise for the absence of posts over the past two weeks. The main reason for the break was that I have been trekking in Bolivia (everyone deserves a holiday some time) and there just wasn’t any internet access.

Secondly I have been working on migrating my Lenscraft website to the WordPress platform in order to make it more user friendly. This should go live over the next 24 hours if all goes well. You can also look forward to a few images of the Bolivia over the coming weeks. For now the image above is of a courtyard from one of the hostels I used.

Friday image No.037

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Nikon D800, 18-35 Nikkor lens, f/16.0 for 0.625" at ISO100
Penmon Lighthouse. Nikon D800, 18-35 Nikkor lens, f/16.0 for 0.625″ at ISO100

Here’s a recent one from the Nikon D800. After a few trips I finally seem to be working better with the D800 and more of my images are in focus and sharp. I’m shooting with the camera set to 14bit mode rather than the usual 12bit and the colours seem to be responding well during the RAW file conversions. I will of course have more to say in the near future on the D800 and will be comparing it to the Olympus EM5 and Sony RX10.

Now over the next couple of weeks I’m going to go a little silent on you all and won’t be posting. I need to dedicate some time to getting the new Lenscraft website up and running. I hope to have this finished by the end of October but I need to spend some dedicated time. This isn’t just a new website but an entire move of platform.

I hope you like the image, have a great weekend and I’ll be back online around the end of the month.