DxO PhotoLab 5 is a Fuji Game-Changer

I was up and out this morning at 6:00am, heading over to Higger Tor in the Peak District. The weather forecast looked promising, but as I headed into the Peaks the fog thickened. Unfortunately, by the time the fog had lifted the sun was well up. Even then, when I thought that the sky was going to catch some colour, the fog rolled in again.

Here’s a shot from around an hour after sunrise when the second bank of fog came in.

Sun breaking through the mist on Higger Tor.

I took this using my Fuji XT3 and 10-24 lens at 12mm. The exposure was 1/550” at f/13.0 and ISO160.

Despite conditions being quite bright, you may have noticed the shutter speed of 1/550” is extremely fast. That’s because this image was 2 stops underexposed. My intention was to use this shot for the sky and blend it with another for the ground.  Instead, this is the single RAW file where I’ve recovered the image from the shadows.

The reason I was able to do this is that I processed the file using DxO PhotoLab 5 using DeepPRIME. Previously PhotoLab didn’t support Fuji XT files but now that it does, the results are brilliant. I seem to be able to recover detail in deep shadows with no visible noise and excellent sharpness. I think I will be using PhotoLab more for my Fuji RAW files in future. I’ve even held off upgrading my Capture One software until I have time to compare the performance of both.

I hope you like the shot and have a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “DxO PhotoLab 5 is a Fuji Game-Changer

  1. I took the photo lab free trial at Christmas and after a couple of days playing with some old xpro1 and xt3 files I cancelled my C1 subscription and bought the dxo pro package. Also finally decided to sell the e-M1.3 and 12-40 and stick with fuji, experimented with returning to m43 over last summer (historic em5.1 owner) but although I love the high res handheld shots I can’t get past the fact that I can slip a small WR prime on the xt3 and stick in my jacket pocket. Ergonomics of the em1 are spectacular but can’t justify 2 systems and the fuji raws are just so maleable. Btw I like the shot, mist over the sun and shadow recovery work really well. Enjoy dxo.

    1. Yes, the XT3 and small primes are a brilliant combination. I also purchased a Fuji XE3 and 23mm prime to street photography and it’s an even smaller package. I’m also so pleased that DxO made the decision to support Fuji. It’s something that I’ve been requesting since I moved to Fuji about 6 years ago. The results are very promissing.

  2. Nice shot indeed. I’d be pleased with that. As a C1 user, I also had a look at DxO PhotoLab 5, now they’ve deigned to do Fuji. I was quite taken with the “ClearView Plus” option, which provides dehaze / detail enhancement sort of functionality. The Prime NR is second to none. But, “Export to Application” places the exported file in the same location as the source and it doesn’t appear that this can be changed. And sidecar files are also always placed in the same location as the source image and this also cannot be changed. I’m happy to be corrected if I’ve missed an option to change these behaviours, but the enforcement of this kind of untidiness on the user is a showstopper for me and C1 provides full flexibility in these areas. So C1 afficionado I remain.

    1. Whilst the location of the sidecar files (if you use them) is limited, it is possible to select a different location for the file by selecting Export to File. The only downside is that you then need to select open in the application you want to edit with next. Personally, I see the quality benefits as being more important but then everyone is different.

  3. If you use an ISO-invariant camera, you can “underexpose” the image by setting ISO up to 5 stops lower to preserve highlight detail, then lift shadows and midtones in post with NO noise penalty compared to shooting it at higher ISO. Combine this with DxO’s fantastic DeepPRIME to realize huge DR benefits. I’m starting to shoot my event work -1 or -2 stops to tame light sources, then lifting in post. DxO gets me eminently usable images from my a7RIII at ISO 25,600.

  4. Currently using my 3rd Panasonic but with results like these I think I might not be looking to stay with m43…

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