It’s Just the Friday Image

For once I don’t have too much to say.

I’ve spent the week sheltering from the terrible weather; it’s rained here every day and in the brief gaps between the rain it’s been grey and gloomy.

I thought the poor weather would be a great opportunity to work on finishing my new book but even that hasn’t gone to plan. After doing a software update to Capture One everything I touch now seems to be breaking. I’m now in a position where I can’t edit my images (I’m having to use ones I’ve previously processed) and unrelated reasons (I think) I can’t publish to my Lenscraft website.

With all these problems I’m afraid the best I can do is share a couple of recent images that I process at the start of the week. I shot both on the same morning from The Roaches and they are from the same shoot that I’ve shown a couple of fog shots from already.

Cloud inversion viewed from The Roaches

I captured this using the Panasonic G9 and Panasonic 45-150 lens at 128mm. Tripod mounted exposure of 1/25” at f/6.3 and ISO200.

I also shot this image with the G9 and 45-150 lens but at 140mm. It uses two exposure shot on a tripod at 1/25” using f/7.1 and ISO200 before stitching in Lightroom.

I converted both images to black and white using Nik Silver Efex Pro.

I hope you like the photos and have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “It’s Just the Friday Image

  1. I love getting your Friday images (sometimes because it reminds me what day of the week we are on!!) Your cloudy shots arrived on a day of new snow (Yukon) and (when it finally became light – after 11 am these days) brilliant sunshine. We have had our share of dull and gloomy – just makes the sunshine even more welcome.
    Hope the sun soon shines again for you – or at least the rain stops for long enough so that you can get out. Hope all your technical frustrations are short-lived. They can be so draining.
    All the best, Janet

    1. Thanks Janet. It’s still raining. I tried to venture out at the weekend but there was hardly any light and it was raining hard with the rain blowing around. The conditions were impossible but I’m hopeful of a break soon.

  2. Wow, can’t edit images or publish, and plenty of time to do both with bad weather–it’s hard to imagine how you’re coping and keeping your patience quotient at a healthy level and your temper in check. I too wish you prompt resolution, and thank you for the inversion images. I prefer the contrast in the first and the composition in the second.

  3. These images are gorgeous! I’ve never thought landscape photos can be nice as black and white, maybe I should try it some time.
    It’s good to see another mirrorless photographer. I also very much enjoy lightweight equipment, I use an Olympus camera.

    1. Thank you. I find you need to work harder with when shooting landscape in black and white because it’s more difficult to make sense of the image when the colour is removed. The relationship between the tones needs to be much stronger because of this. I also saw your Strings & Bellows site and love the useful links section. I play Bluegrass 5 string Banjo (badly) but I found some of the links useful. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I’m glad you liked my link page! That site (but all my sites really) is very much a work in progress, since I’ve been so busy during the past month and haven’t been able to do much on the blogs. Nice that you play the banjo, I’ve been playing the mandolin (badly) for many years but started on the guitar this summer, guitar seems to suit me better for some reason. I’m really enjoying it although I’m at a very low level.

      2. I’ve never tried the guitar – it has one too many strings for me to manage. I’ve been trying to learn the Banjo for 2 years. I’ve always wanted to play it for as long as I can remember but my music teacher at school told me I was tone-deaf and had no rhythm. Now in my 50’s I realise what I’ve missed out on and found that with a little effort I can pick a good song. The main thing is being able to enjoy it which is what it sounds like you are doing. Keep it up as well as photography.

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