More High Resolution from the Panasonic G9

This week I’m sharing another similar image to last week. I also shot this at The Roaches on the same morning as but 20 minutes later, as the sun started to dissolve the mist. My only regret is not having set the camera to shoot RAW, as I mentioned in last week’s blog post.

View from The Roaches. Panasonic G9 with 45-150 lens at 150mm

The lens I used for this was my old Panasonic 45-150 which I’ve had a long time. I think I paid less than £150 pounds for it and checking Amazon (affiliate link) today it’s still under £180. This is such a good lens and has performed well for years. What struck me looking at this image is how good the quality is, especially combined with the G9’s pixel shift high-resolution setting. I’ve become a big fan of this technology and recently published an article detailing my experiences.

For the image I had the camera set to the 80.5M resolution and mounted on a tripod. The Panasonic 45-150 lens was at 150mm with an exposure of 1/50” at f/7.1 and ISO200. There’s also a small amount of post processing with the Nik Collection.

This Week’s YouTube Video

Now to this week’s YouTube video which is about Quick Mask editing. The Quick Mask is extremely useful when making selections in photos but for some reason not many people use it. That’s why I decided to publish this video where I demonstrate using the Quick Mask with the Selection Brush in Affinity Photo. And although I’m using Affinity Photo you can do the same thing with similar tools in Photoshop. This is well worth knowing about.

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I hope you like the photo, enjoy the video, and have a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “More High Resolution from the Panasonic G9

  1. Very nice fall fog scene. The yellow leaves really did pop from the picture, and the mist created an iconic atmosphere. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have recently been reading a book called ‘A Lesser Photographer: Escape the Gear Trap and Focus on What Matters’ by CJ Chilvers. But the more I see of your Panasonic GX9 images the more I want one! Is it G9 or GX9?What to do, what to do …

    1. Gear doesn’t matter that much until you hit its limits. Knowing how to use it and get the most (or work around the limits) is important. I’m loving using the G9 and find the micro 43 format quite freeing.

    1. Thank you. It’s always interesting to hear other peoples opinions about a photo. Often it doesn’t match my own because I’m tainted by the memory of the conditions when I shot the image. Fortunately, these foggy shots are different and I also get to enjoy them.

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