Friday Image on Saturday – oops

The Scottish Highlands. Four image stitch using a Fuji X-T3 and 50-200 lens. ISO160, 1/25″ at f/11.0. Tripod mounted and Kase 0.9 ND Soft Grad filter.

I’m starting with an apology for not posting this week’s Friday Image on a Friday.

The past week has been rather frantic with quite a few time critical things:

  1. The Lenscraft June newsletter needed finishing and publishing. If you haven’t subscribed, you can read it here (
  2. This week’s YouTube video tutorial explaining how to use the Nik Collection from Capture One needed publishing (
  3. I had to launch my new Luminosity Masking course. The course is only a month late but, in my defence, it’s almost 5 hours of video. You can find out more and watch three preview lessons here (
  4. Unusually I needed to prepare next week’s YouTube video a week in advance. This is a big review, but I can’t reveal any more at this time. The video goes out on Wednesday at 14:15 UK time so if you don’t already subscribe to my YouTube channel you may want to consider it.

But let’s get back to the image.

This is yet another image from my Scotland trip. I shot it just after dawn and as you can see the sun is just creeping up over the horizon. It’s a stitch panoramic created from 4 shots with the X-T3 in a horizontal format.

I had the camera mounted on a tripod that I had spent quite a bit of time getting level. This allowed me to pan the camera across the range without it dipping to one side. This was important because the lens, a Fuji 55-200 was at the 200mm end because I was so far from the mountain range. I had my doubts that this would create a usable image, but I’m really pleased with the finished result.

In terms of filters, I was using a Kase 0.9 (3 stop) soft graduate over the sky. Ordinarily, I don’t like to use a filter when there is a lot of clear sky in the frame as it can make it appear unnatural. But in this shot, I needed anything to help me prevent the image from having too much contrast. I also had to tackle the problem of potential underexposure which I did by having the camera in manual mode.

The finished image is sizable. If I printed it at 240dpi it would be 47” x 17” without any resizing.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “Friday Image on Saturday – oops

    1. I was trying hard to remember the name of the mountain given it’s so iconic. I kept thinking it’s something to do with Monsters Inc but for the life of me I couldn’t remember it at the time I was writing the post. It must be my age.

  1. Thank you for mentioning Capture One, NIK and Sony. I have a new Sony (a7lll) and did not know that Sony offered a connection to Capture One and a significant discount on the Pro version. I certainly shall give it a trial and see how i like the results. Happy June-ing.

    1. Great to hear I’ve helped. Capture One is a great tool and even the Express edition has a lot of features considering it’s free.

  2. Great image, Robin, as usual. I’ve just returned from a 16-day trip in Peru with my girlfriend. I took just a small backpack with me, so the compactness of the RX10 was invaluable. I’ve used the grad filters a lot more than usual, inspired by you great work. I’d like to share some images, I hope you like them:

    Lake Parón. Peru 2019.

    Greetings from Brazil.

    1. Thanks Rodrigo. It looks like your RX10 is serving you well. You have a nice selection of shots there. I have never been to Peru, other than in an airport on the way to Bolivia. Your images do remind me very much of Bolivia as well.

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