Friday Image No.213

Bolivian volcano. Olympus EM5, Panasonic 45-150 lens, ISO200, f/7.1, 1/320″.

It was 2014 when I shot this volcano image and it’s languished on my hard drive ever since. The volcano’s in Bolivia and this shot was from our base camp about halfway to the summit. Yes, I had the “pleasure” of climbing this. The lower rim (the coloured part) is 4,900m and the top part is 5,300m; I wish I could remember the name though.

Those days seemed much simpler to me in terms of camera equipment. I was using the Olympus EM5 with three lenses; 9-18mm, 12-40mm and 45-150mm. The entire kit would fit in a small shoulder bag which I could wear under my backpack. The Fuji now feels a lot larger somehow but doesn’t look when the two are side by side. I’ve even found myself considering another micro 43 camera; I suppose I should make more use of the EM5’s which I still have.

Anyway, I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Image No.213

  1. Beautiful shot with gorgeous colors. I think you should go back to your roots and stay with the EM5 and show us how you can get outstanding pictures with a seven year old camera. The constant wanting to update to the latest and greatest camera is just a financial waste of time and unnecessary unless one’s goal is to just test new cameras. I still have a pair of EM5’s and really have little urge to replace them as, if your technique is good, then good results will follow and little difference will be evident if you used the latest expensive high pixel-do-everything camera or your trusty EM5. Camera lust is just that. I would really like to see you devote your skills to showing us how older cameras can still be relevant and simplify our lives. It would make great blogging!

    1. Thanks John. When I talk about buying a new M43 camera it’s actually a used one that I’m considering. The EM5 is great and I will keep it. The one I had converted to Infrared hasn’t had too much use but the regular one had about four years of very heavy use. I am intending to do more regarding using older cameras, the D800 I bought last year is a case in point. I got it for a bargain because everyone was switching to the D850. I would lay money on the fact that 99% of the people switching wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in the image quality.

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