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Friday Image No.214

Graveyard of the Trains, Bolivia. Five image stitch from an Olympus EM5.

Most of the photos I shoot are of landscapes; it’s the subject I feel most in touch with. But then from time to time I come across something and feel I must photograph it. That was the case with this image. The location was the “Train Graveyard” in Bolivia. It’s filled with old rusting steam trains from the past and is simply amazing – even if you don’t like trains.

What I also find quite amazing is how photo editing software has developed over recent years. When I shot this image four years back, I don’t think the panoramic stitching feature was available in Lightroom. That’s probably why the five images that make up this shot have sat on my hard drive for so long.

I captured the five images that make up this shot with an Olympus EM5 and Olympus 12-40mm lens. The camera was in the vertical position and the image taken handheld. Lightroom was able to stitch them very quickly and has made a good job. Except that is for removing the perspective distortion. To remove that I used DxO Viewpoint 3.0. I’m really starting to love this software and will be experimenting further with it in the future.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

Friday Image No.213

Bolivian volcano. Olympus EM5, Panasonic 45-150 lens, ISO200, f/7.1, 1/320″.

It was 2014 when I shot this volcano image and it’s languished on my hard drive ever since. The volcano’s in Bolivia and this shot was from our base camp about halfway to the summit. Yes, I had the “pleasure” of climbing this. The lower rim (the coloured part) is 4,900m and the top part is 5,300m; I wish I could remember the name though.

Those days seemed much simpler to me in terms of camera equipment. I was using the Olympus EM5 with three lenses; 9-18mm, 12-40mm and 45-150mm. The entire kit would fit in a small shoulder bag which I could wear under my backpack. The Fuji now feels a lot larger somehow but doesn’t look when the two are side by side. I’ve even found myself considering another micro 43 camera; I suppose I should make more use of the EM5’s which I still have.

Anyway, I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

Friday Image No. 43

Olympus EM5 12-40mm lens at 16mm, ISO200 1/1250" at f/7.1
Olympus EM5 12-40mm lens at 16mm, ISO200 1/1250″ (that’s not a typo) at f/7.1

Sometimes the power of nature just stops you in your tracks. This is another image from my recent trip to Bolivia. We were crossing a huge dried up salt lake surrounded by mountains when we noticed a storm cell forming. As we drove on the sky became more and more ominous but the storm was localised over one of the mountains. This was such an amazing site that we had to pull over and admire it. Even our guides were captivated by the scale and power of scene.

Hope you like the picture and have a great weekend everyone.

The Joy of Heat

Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia. Four images on the Olympus EM5, stitched in Photoshop.
Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia. Four images on the Olympus EM5, stitched in Photoshop. Click the image to enlarge.

Just prior to leaving for Bolivia my central heating packed up. NO problem I thought, called the plumber and arranged for a new boiler to be installed. The timing couldn’t be better as I would be away when the boiler is fitted and I would return to a lovely warm house. Then I received a text whilst on holiday “your key doesn’t work”.

Actually the key did work but the lock had jammed. The result has been one very cold house and plumber fitting a new boiler (not an easy job in a house as old as mine). We have now been without heating or hot water for 3 days; it’s just like being back in Bolivia. To cap it all off the UK has just dipped into very cold weather.

Tonight though I returned to find the house warming up. My boiler is in and the joy of warmth is unimaginable. So to celebrate I thought I would share a newly completed image from the Bolivia trip. This is of the salt flats at Uyuni.

There won’t be a Friday image tomorrow as I’m off to Wales for some photography so I will wish everyone a great weekend today.

Friday image No.038

Bolivia at night. Olympus EM5, Samyang fisheye lens, f/3.5, ISO800, 73 second exposure.

This week’s image was just for a bit of fun and experimentation. Whilst I was in Bolivia I was camped half way up a volcano at around 4,300m. The sky was as clear as anything and the star show amazing. I decided to pop the camera on a tripod, whack on the old fisheye lens and see what I could capture. This is the result.

Sure the stars are moving and therefore a little blurred due to the long exposure. Despite this I am rather impressed by what the EM5 and a Samyang fisheye lens can actually achieve. I now wish I had locked open the shutter and captured some star trails. Mind you it was damned cold and I couldn’t wait to get under canvas.

Have a great weekend everyone.