Friday Image Rethink

Higger Tor, Peak District. Fuji X-T2, 18-55 kit lens, f/11, ISO400. Three exposures at 2ev intervals shot handheld. Blended image processed using Photoshop Frequency Separation.

Following my final post and Friday Image last week, a few people contacted me and a few more left comments. It appears people like to receive the Friday image and I want to continue sending these from my Lenscraft website. It sounds easy, but it isn’t.

Following lots of head scratching, my wife came up with the obvious question. “Why don’t you keep posting the Friday image on your Blog andthe tutorials on your website?”

Hmmm! Pause to consider the obvious.

And so, I’ve had a rethink. I will continue to publish theFriday Image here. For anyone who want to understand more about the editing, youcan visit my Lenscraft website. The only downside is that the blog may have advertisingappear from time to time as I won’t be paying to stop fromdisplaying them.

I hope this arrangement works for those of you who still want to see my work.

As for this image, I shot it last Saturday (8thDecember 2018). It’s from Higger Tor in the UK Peak District on a dreadful morning that had amazing light. To give some idea of the conditions, it was raining very hard and incredibly windy. I stood my tripod up (Manfrotto 055 carbon fibre) and it blew over and along the ground. I was blown over several times and was even blown over from a kneeling position. I took most of the shots whilst sat or lying down. I couldn’t use filters because of the rain, so this is an exposure blended image. I processed it using Photoshop Frequency Separation (see the tutorial and video on Lenscraft).

I hope you the photo and have a great weekend.

15 thoughts on “Friday Image Rethink

  1. I am glad that you will continue to email Friday images. They are always beautiful and informative. Thanks for sending these.

  2. That’s a beautiful shot. Thank you for continuing the Friday image, and for going “above and beyond” in the pursuit of capturing a fine image.

  3. Great news Robin…. I just enjoy the image and the story behind it every Friday on here….

  4. Terrific solution Robin as would really miss seeing these images pop up on my computer when I have forgotten what day it is, & then being encouraged by you to either know more or find out about how it was captured & edited.

  5. Thanks for the rethink.
    It is really nice to receive an interesting image some of the thoughts behind it.
    When I started photography all those years ago, some of my best memories of learning were from mentors who freely shared their advice, criticism and love of the medium.
    All the best on the venture.

  6. Thats Great Robin. I appreciate all you do for us. Easier only have to visit one site for me.
    Seasons greeting

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