The Final Friday Image

The Peak District at sunset. Nikon D800, 24-120 lens at 75mm, ISO100, 1/5″ at f/16.0. Tripod and soft ND grad filter.

Yesterday I received an email that’s made me question this blog (again).

For a long time, I have run a separate blog and website. Originally because the website hosting company I used was useless; having a separateblog allowed me to tell people when the website was down. Today my hostingcompany is excellent, the website stable (fingers crossed) and having a separateblog seems to confuse people. But what’s pushed me into this decision is thenews that features I use are no longer available. To access these features, Ineed to upgrade to another plan that’s almost 3 times the price.

And so, I’ve made my decision. This will be the final blog post of this site. I will though keep the site online as there’s a lot of material gone into it over the years.

Going forward I will continue blogging but on my Lenscraft website. I hope you will join me there and subscribe to my monthly newsletter if you haven’t already.

As for the final image, I shot this on Monday, in the Peak District. I think it’s a fitting final image to close the blog.

I hope you like this, have a great weekend and continue to enjoy your photography.

32 thoughts on “The Final Friday Image

  1. Robin, thanks so much for all the wonderful images and very useful instruction! Looking forward to years more on the website.

  2. An admirable farewell image for the ‘lightweight photographer’! Thanks for all your efforts Robin. I look forward to enjoying your work on Lenscraft. Cheers Joe

  3. As Bob, above. Thank you. Some wonderful images.
    Love this one!

    Silly thought. Bit of work and you could host a blog on your own
    Which ever way you go, very best of luck in the future

  4. Thanks for all the Friday images.
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments and very informative narrative.
    All the Best.


    1. You’re very welcome and thank you. It’s my intention to continue to post the Friday image on the Lenscraft Blog. I’m also hoping to post more information about the editing and shooting of the images.

  5. Just wondering if you will still be sending your Friday image. Always makes a great ending to my week! Will understand if the answer is no. Cheers, Janet

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi Janet. I do still intend to publish a Friday image but on my Lenscraft Website blog ( Unfortunately, I won’t be able to automatically email the post as happens now. There is an RSS feed on the site though, so if you have an RSS reader you will be able to see all the updates. I may also start to do a round-up of the images in the monthly newsletter. I do hope you will join me on Lenscraft.

  6. Thanks for all your images and the descriptions of where they are taken and how you processed them, also the insights into the products and processes you include. I’ve enjoyed opening your email first thing on Saturday morning (in Australia) and being inspired by your work! Cheers Liz

  7. Thank your for your consistent work on this blog over the years, it has often challenged me and inspired me to work harder at making my own blog postings more relevant.
    I can indeed see the necessity of moving on from here as the cost of nearly everything online is becoming a challenge to manage. I made a conscious decision a long time back to keep my blog ad free, but now I’m no longer full time working the costs of online living become a bit expensive.
    As Liz said, my Saturday Night always started with a peek at your posts. But I’ll be happy to follow over on the updated site.
    Good luck Robin, I’ve appreciated your fine tutorials and your attention to detail. Its a pleasure to have good information readily available.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, it’s sad but it just didn’t make sense for me to pay to maintain two separate sites anymore. It also confused a lot of people. I hope you enjoy my posts on the Lenscraft site.

  8. wait! Is this the Nikon D800? I thought you had moved on, away from it years ago… It makes a nice image (with which you to use your magical editing arts to produce a lovely photo, I might add…). Looking forward to more photos in the future. ALSO, thanks, for the tutorials, etc.

    1. Yes, it is a Nikon D800. And yes I did sell the one I had 4 years ago because I hated it. I bought another for two reasons. 1) when I looked back at the images from that year, the D800 images were some of the best. 2) I came to realise that it wasn’t the D800 I didn’t like but the lenses I was using with it. I then decided that I wanted to sell my Sony A7R kit as I wasn’t using it (long story) but still wanted another full frame camera. I started to look at new cameras but the prices are silly so wondered if I could find a good used model. I took a look at the D800 and they were practically giving them away. I managed to get the D800 together with three excellent lenses for less than I sold the Sony kit for. I’ve been using it for around 5 months now and I’m really enjoying it.

  9. Understandable move, and no downside for me as I will continue to follow you on the website – wouldn’t dream of missing it! Cheers.

  10. Change is good. I have a website, blog and store and for me they all serve different purposes. My website acts as a hub with links to my blog and store. I only post my yearly favorites on my website. My blog allows me to put images in sets and write about the set. This year I will be revamping my website and going with a website builder so I no longer need Dreamweaver. When so much has gone into a site it can be hard to let go.

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