How to use the Nik Collection in Lightroom

HDR image created with Nik HDR Efex in Lightroom. Do you know how to open Nik HDR Efex from Lightroom without looking it up?

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? If you want to use the Nik Collection in Lightroom, you right click and choose “Edit in” from the popup menu. You can then pick the Nik Collection plugin you want to use from the list. But life and Lightroom aren’t always quite this simple.

Have you tried to use Nik HDR Efex with this technique? By default, you can’t. It’s not in the list of available plugins. And what about all those new image files each time you launch the Nik Collection from Lightroom? How can you better manage those?

There’s a lot more to using the Nik Collection in Lightroom than is immediately obvious. That’s why I’ve published a free video tutorial explaining how to best use the Nik Collection in Lightroom. I even demonstrate how to add the missing HDR Efex plugin to the “Edit in” menu.

You will find the video on my YouTube channel with this link ( I’ve published an accompanying article on Lenscraft about using the Nik Collection with Lightroom; the article also has the video embedded within it.

This is the first of a series of Nik Collection tutorials I’m intending to publish. I’m calling the series Bitesize Nik Tutorials, with each video being between 5 and 10 minutes (but don’t hold me to that). I already have 12 ideas to progress, but if you have any requests, please let me know. I will be publishing a new video on YouTube each week, usually on a Thursday. If you want to be sure not to miss any, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoy the video.

8 thoughts on “How to use the Nik Collection in Lightroom

  1. Robin,

    I haven’t checked out your Nik video or article yet but plan on doing so as soon as I complete my work with your Lightroom Develop Module ebook. I currently still have the older Nik/Google version installed in my LR Classic & didn’t plan on upgrading to the DxO version until it had been reviewed to see if it is worth the expense & effort. What do you currently use & do you think the DxO version would be useful with a 2017 iMac? Also, in my LR Classic subscription program I don’t have the different camera profiles that you show in your ebook, such as the Fuji Acros & others you mention. Can’t find any preference or other setting to turn this feature on. Any ideas why?


    1. Hi Jed,
      I use the latest version of the Nik Collection even though all they did was to fix bugs (most of which didn’t affect me). I explain why I upgraded in this video if you haven’t seen it
      The reason you can’t see the same camera profiles as in my illustrations is that you’re not using a Fuji camera. Which camera profiles you see are determined by the type of camera your RAW file is from. Canon looks different to Nikon to Sony and Fuji. If you are processing an image file like a TIFF or JPEG you don’t see any profiles, just the word Embedded.
      Hope this helps

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