Friday Image No. 178

Wooden structure on Formby Beach
Wooden structure on Formby Beach. Fuji X-T2, 55-200 lens at 128mm, ISO200, 1/1600″ at f/5.6

In the sand dunes of Formby Beach stands a tall wooden structure. I’m not sure how tall it is but I would guess around 10m, perhaps more. At the top of the wooden structure is a large wooden triangle. What it’s for I have no idea, but it makes a great subject for a shot.

I have captured this object many times and always been disappointed. Even this image has sat on my hard drive for a couple of months and I never new what to do with it. Today I wanted a break from writing my next book so thought I would experiment a little with this image. This is the result.

I hope you like it and have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 178

  1. It’s a ‘day marker’ – they mark the edge of a channel on your starboard (right) side when approaching from the open sea. Quite often they are numbered and the numbers usually increase consecutively as you approach.

  2. Looked very soft, almost out of focus in the email, but a quick look on here confirmed ultra sharp and detailed. Looks quite metallic with the reflections on the wood and almost ethereal with the clouds in the background. I have just searched with as many terms as I could think of but haven’t had any success in finding out what these posts are for, some I’ve seen have an upturned wooden slatted ‘bucket’ on top. Warnings of some sort I guess.

    1. Hi Chris, the soft look is the processing I used. There is some glow effect in there which is what causes the look you describe so well. It was achieved in a combination of On1 and Nik Color Efex Pro. Not because I wanted to use both but because I was comparing effects. In the end, I had to merge the two in order to create what I wanted. As for what the post is, Steve just added that it’s a “day marker”. Not something I have come across.

  3. Robin, I like what you did with the image. You mentioned above you used Nik Color Efex Pro, yet the image looks black and white. Was there something with Color Efex Pro that you liked to use that wasn’t in Silver Efex Pro?

    1. Thank you. I should have been a little clearer with my description of the processing. I did create the basic conversion to B&W in Silver Efex Pro. But after that, I added film grain in Color Efex Pro. I like the additional Film Contrast slider it has. I also applied the glow effect to the image using Glamour Glow. Hope this clears up the confusion. Sorry

  4. I do like this picture, primarily for its composition.Works well in square format. Glad you found it, pursued its post-processing, and shared it with us.

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