Best Image Editors Compared: On1 Photo RAW 2018

I just published a new video in my series comparing the best photo editors. This time it’s the turn of On1 Photo RAW 2018. I have used On1 products for many years, but the software never really impressed me. Instead I gravitated to the Nik Collection due to the great results and ease of use.

Despite this I continued to purchase each new version and I’m pleased I have. The software has now matured into an excellent editing tool. It’s very usable and resulting image is free from artefacts. It also provides a great deal of control over the adjustments with the masking tools, which I show in the video.

I won’t say any more as I need to save it for the comparisons video, later in the series.

Enjoy the video.

One thought on “Best Image Editors Compared: On1 Photo RAW 2018

  1. Hi Robin

    Fabulous tutorial. I have been using the trial version and am pretty impressed with the results it achieves. However, there are two main drawbacks for me. First of all is it runs very slowly in develop mode on my machine. Takes ages to render an image or any changes. (it is a macbook pro which runs PS and LR quite happily). ON1 suggested reinstalling which didn’t help and I even sent them some log files which didn’t show them anything. Secondly there is no edit history – so you can’t step back through any changes – other than making snapshots every step.

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