It Snowed

Sheep in Saddleworth, Fuji X-T2, 18-135mm, ISO100, f/10.0, 1/100″

The weather forecasters managed to get it right (almost) and it snowed at the weekend. What they didn’t quite get right was the volume of snow. The 10-20cm of predicted was more like 5cm. And if your reading this from Buffalo or NYC, 5cm is sufficient to bring the UK to a halt.

Despite the shallow snowfall, it was enough to transform the landscape. I headed up onto the hills at the top of our village and found this group of sheep sheltering together from the weather.

Hope you had a good weekend.

16 thoughts on “It Snowed

  1. This is lovely – pale delicacy like a watercolour, almost. Much more snow here in the West Midlands!

  2. Just had to drop you a line about this image. Maybe I’m jealous because most of the snow around here (Lake Laberge, Yukon) has just about disappeared. Very unusual to have such warm weather here instead of minus 20! I clicked through to see the larger image – my goodness, the detail! And how did you get all the sheep to look at the camera!! (just kidding!!) A couple of your recent images were also stunning and I nearly dropped you a line then but got busy with something else instead. I am a Fuji XT1 shooter (love the lightweight) and have been thinking about purchasing an XT2. Your images are making me think more about this. Will have to wait a while as I also shoot Canon and upgraded to the 5D Mark 3 this fall in order to work with the in camera blend modes. Also love the resources you provide. Thanks for all your work. Cheers, Janet


    1. Thanks Janet, I’m very jealous that you live in the Yukon. I love cold conditions and the Yukon is on my list of places to visit (since I read call of the wild in school – silly I know).
      Getting the sheep to look at the camera is down to mind control. Seriously though, the XT2 is very good and is making the most of the lenses I bought. My initial lenses and the XT1 were all bought used and have since been traded in. I suspect they were all poor examples. Moving over to the XTransformer software and using this in conjunction with Lightroom seems to have made a big difference. I also seem to have found my groove with the XT2 now. Most of the image I process seem to have a lot of detail and be very sharp. They are also very clean, even when I push the ISO high. The XT2 is a very versatile camera and I’m really pleased I started to use the outfit. I just wish the lenses were slightly smaller in some cases.

  3. Very wintry-looking. Always surprises me how good sheep are at looking straight at the cameraman! So true too – 5cms of snow is enough to bring the country to its knees and shut all the schools – didn’t happen when I was a kid, we soldiered on!

    1. Very true. I remember the school heating breaking down in the middle of a very cold winter. After 3 weeks of trying to fix it they decided we could all go home. And we couldn’t wear coats inside the school.

  4. I like the sheeps!

    And the thing with the snow is allways the same: It’s never as it should be. If you want skiing it is not enough snow. If you should driving it’s allways to much… And for fotographers the sun should just break thrue the clouds when you are ready for the shot 🙂
    Here it is something between rain and snow the whole day. I wanted to go out with the camera but finaly i did not. It’s to ugly. Maybe tomorrow…

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