Friday Image No.135

Stairs inside the Tate Gallery in St Ives. Sony RX10, ISO 200, f/5.6.

Last Friday I shared a simple image of a plant taken whilst on holiday in St Ives, a couple of years back. What this is really telling you is that I haven’t been taking many photographs recently and I’m now trawling through my archives. Unfortunately, the same is true this week and so I have returned to the same archive.

I know that my first love is the landscape but I also like architecture. This image was taken inside the Tate gallery in St Ives. Whilst everyone else was looking at the exhibits I was admiring the stairway. I did get plenty of odd looks but it’s worth it. I really like the clean lines and proportions.

Have a great weekend and I will see if I can’t shoot some images before next Friday.

6 thoughts on “Friday Image No.135

  1. There is a strange fascination about an attractive staircase, and this one is beautifully lit – did you have to do much processing inn the shadow areas, or was the light spot on? I share your primary interest in landscapes, but interspersed with some architectural shots would be great.

    1. Thanks Roger, I will try to include some architecture from time to time. But to answer your question, I did vertually no processing other than a quick conversion to B&W in Nik Silver Efex. I used the fine art preset.

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