Friday Image No.132

Minimal Landsape. Fuji X-T2 + Fuji 18-55 lens. F/11.0, 1/60″ at ISO200.

It’s been another hectic and busy week. Wednesday evening was spent over at Llandudno Photographic Society giving a presentation on Landscape Photography and editing with Nik tools. Thank you very much to everyone who attended for giving me a great welcome.

Following this, it was over to Penmon the following morning to shoot some beach detail. Unfortunately, this was a complete failure as the video (hopefully coming soon) will demonstrate.

One thing that has worked out well this past week though is the new, improved website infrastructure. In the past I have received a few complaints about the slow speed of Lenscraft in some countries. I have tried all sorts of things to correct this but never seem to be completely successful. I can see that the UK and some European countries perform well but people in Australia have really been suffering.

Now I think I have cracked it by moving the site onto CloudFlare. The bounce rate (% of people who land on the site and then leave without doing anything) has fallen dramatically. I’m also seeing countries such as Australia, Canada and Brazil spend much more time. It’s early days but I am hopeful. Best of all, the site security is also reinforced.

With the week being so busy, I decided I wanted to share a very minimal image. I spotted this one when out for a walk with my wife. I shot it back in February and then ignored it. Now seeing it again, I quite like it. I also like the way that the Fuji RAW files need only a few tweaks in Lightroom to make them shine.

I hope you like it also and have a great weekend.

14 thoughts on “Friday Image No.132

  1. Thanks, Robin. It’s a lovely image and I love the balance of the plowed field, green crop, and blue sky—bravo—as we say here in Italy!
    I’d like to think that what you describe as “complaints” are really just comments. All the fantastic work you do for photography doesn’t warrant complaints. A suggestion or comment about access speed is welcome by you, I’m sure. Anyway, like many of us, I am indebted to you for your contributions to landscape photography. Cheers.

  2. Hi Robin – I was interested in your comment that this Fuji RAW file only needed a few tweaks in Lightroom. Given your recent blog posts on processing Fuji RAW files, have the previously reported “problems” with processing Fuji RAW files become a thing of the past with the latest versions of Lightroom; or did you do some initial processing in another piece of software?
    |Keep up the good work – your blog is always interesting.

    1. Hi Roger, what I’m now finding with the Fuji RAW files is that I only need to select a Camera Profile such as Provia and I achieve a very good starting image. The sharpening issue that I used to complain about appears to have been resolved and I like the results a lot.

      1. Very helpful – I am looking to downsize from my DSLR and the Fuji range has interested me, but for the processing issues. Your experience has helped me in my decision.

    2. Roger – Since you are looking to downsize I thought I’d comment. Last week, I purchased a Fujifilm X-T2 and so far I’ve been extremely impressed with it. I’ve had no problems with RAW conversion in LR and I’ve been able to process some outstanding images. I purchased the camera with the XF 18-55 f/2.8 lens and added the XF 55-200 f/3.5 a few days later. Both lenses are quite sharp and using them with image stabilization has given me excellent quality images. I will also add the XF 10-24 f/4 for landscape work. Hope this helps. I’m not giving up all my Canon landscape gear, but want something a little lighter, particularly for traveling. Hope this helps. – Bob

  3. A very well defined image Robin, good contrast between the ploughed field and the green crop and blue sky, it stands out.

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