1. Dear Robin, I do have a lightweight camera (an oly epm1) with a few lenses. I am little concerned with image quality because I rarely print: mostoften I put my pictures on a website to share with friends (http://digilander.libero.it/A_Bellelli/). The reason I use the oly is that I want it light because I have to carry it while trekking; and the reason I don’t use an even lighter point & shoot is that the oly feels better in my hand and has wider angle lenses. I greatly enjoy your blog because I love your pictures and because you explain image processing, which is really the thing I need more. Thus, to me your blog is perfect as it is! Thanks for writing. Andrea

  2. Hi Robin, I own a few lightweight cameras and lenses (Oly EM-1 and EM5 II, plus a Sony RX100 III), primarily because of back issues and simply the fact that I loathe large camera bodies and lenses. I mostly post on my website through Zenfolio, but occasionally will print. I use the Oly bodies the most because of the ergonomics and ability to handle a variety of situations. Having never owned or used a full frame camera from any manufacturer, I sometimes wonder if I am sacrificing too much image quality and dynamic range, and I do feel that pull at times. I enjoy your posts and writings about squeezing the most out of the smaller sensor cameras, and always look forward to your Friday images.

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