Friday Image No.94

Thor's Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon, USA. Sony A7r, 24-70 Canon lens, ISO100, 5" at f/10.0. Lee 10 stop ND filter.
Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon, USA. Sony A7r, 24-70 Canon lens, ISO100, 5″ at f/10.0. Lee 10 stop ND filter.

I’m really excited to share this image from my recent trip to America. The location is called Thor’s Well at Cape Perpetua on the Oregon coast. I first came to know about Thor’s Well whilst browsing US State Park images on Pinterest just a few months back. As soon as I saw this I was blown away and thought I want to shoot the location someday. It was a complete surprise to find out on my trip that it was at Cape Perpetua and that I would be passing through. Better still the tide was at the perfect level for the shot.

The image isn’t shot in the best light as it was bright and mid-afternoon. The sky was also quite bland so I largely cut it out of the frame. To provide the drama of the moving water I used a 10 stop Lee Filter with the camera mounted on a tripod. I then used a remote release to time the shot so that the water was captured as it cascaded back down the “well” (which is actually a blow hole).

I managed to shoot a number of frames using both the Olympus EM5 and the Sony A7r. I thought that I might struggle with the Olympus but having upgraded the firmware to version 2.2 I had access to an ISO100 setting. This together with a Lee 10 stop filter was sufficient to increase the exposure to around 8 seconds.

To give you some idea of the location, here is a snap of another photographer standing near to the well. I shot the image above from the rock in the centre and yes I did get a little wet.

Perspective on Thors well
Perspective on Thor’s Well

Have a great weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “Friday Image No.94

  1. Nicely done. And thank you for posting how you exposed the picture for a long exposure. I’ll remember to bring “rain” gear whenever I get a chance to go…

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