It’s that Tree Again

Lone tree at sunset, above Malham, The Yorkshire Dales.
Loan tree at sunset, above Malham, The Yorkshire Dales.

Someone recently mentioned that you could do a book on this iconic lone tree. Whilst I don’t often visit the area, on this last trip I do seem to have photographed the tree quite a few times in different conditions. Here’s one from the end of the day. The Photographers Ephemeris said we were in a good spot for a sunset but the hills were definitely blocking the best view. I suspect it was user error. Just goes to show that there is no substitue for local knowledge.

12 thoughts on “It’s that Tree Again

  1. Where can I get one of these ‘loan’ trees. I really need one, as I am constantly in need of a loan. Apart from the sarcasm, which I could not resist and will attribute the stimulus to an errant spellchecker, I like this picture, lone trees can be quite beautiful, and I imagine that one could make a book of such images. With the right text, it could have a strong emotional impact.

  2. As a former banker, I found the loan tree an interesting proposition ! Sorry, I too couldn’t resist !
    Ah, the Yorkshire Dales, where vet-turned-writer James Herriot lived and worked, and wrote an amazing series of books with hymn-based titles (“All Things Bright and Beautiful”, “All Creatures Big and Small”, etc). Lucky you, to be so close to the fabled area… Very nice pic. BTW, as you know, an ailing Steiglitz spent his last years photographing a lone Shadblow tree from his bedroom window, as the seasons came and went.

    1. I am also a former banker (when it was a good profession with qualifications) so perhaps it’s a subliminal slip. I remember my father loving the James Herriot books but never appreciated the landscape at the time.

      I wasn’t aware of the Steiglitz tree so will look that up. Thank you.

  3. That’s “All Things Great and Small” — sorry for the blooper…and I’m not even using a smartphone to post this !! What a pity this isn’t an interactive website: I too have a few favourite pictures of New Delhi trees, most of them taken with small sensor cameras including the Nikon Coolpix P510 and Olympus E-PL5..

    1. See it can happen to the best of us.

      Olympus E-PL5 eh. I have fancied one of those for a while. I like the flat form of the body. It remind me of the Panasonic GX1 which I loved to use. Do you like the results?

      1. The little E-PL5 has surpassed my expectations (bought it slightly used in 2013), giving excellent results even at ISO 5000 / 6400. Gram for gram, it’s a 5D III. But in many situations, my GX1 and conventional 14-42mm kit lens kit has managed to blow my mind, provided I don’t go above ISO 25OO Together, the two bodies make a formidable combination. The Panasonic 45-150mm, 20mm f1.7 and Oly 45mm f1.8 are really something ! I’m fond of nature, portraiture and street (not dabbled in that of late, there’s a heat wave on here.)
        Agree fully about the ‘when banking was a respectable profession, etc.,’ bit. I got fed up one day in 1993 and just got up and left –after 19 years in harness, when I was serving as Senior BM. Finally found my niche in publishing, as an editor — retired in 2012 but still freelance. I’m in my 68th year 🙂
        I greatly admire your enthusiasm, respect your hard won skills, love your eye for composition, wonder at your stamina, envy you for your camera collection, and .. freak out on your 300-year old home 🙂
        Good to know the Whalleys are still going strong. wishing you all luck / more power to your elbow.
        P.S. Sorry for the long reply.

      2. Thanks for the information and positive feedback. It’s great to hear when people like what you do.

        You sound like you like prime lenses. Have you tried the Olympus 17mm f1.8 (not 2.8). It’s a wonderful lens to use as is the Olympus 25mm.

        All the best

      3. I haven’t tried either of them, mainly because I can no longer afford to buy new lenses. Moreover, I have both the standard kit lens pairs from Olympus as well Panasonic, which have given yeoman service so far. I DO have a 14mm f2.5 Panasonic, a tiny jewel of a lens, but somehow I don’t use it much, not being into landscapes (in Delhi, what landscapes ?!). As for street with a 28mm, the 28mm f1.8 end of my RXQ100 blows my sock off, so perhaps I need to ditch the cute little 14mm, 55 gram Lumix wonder.

      4. I hadn’t appreciated your location so I can imagine your kit needs for street photography. It sounds like you have a great setup for what you are doing. Keep it small and light.

        I also had the 14mm panasonic and it was an excellent performer. I end up selling it as it wasn’t getting much use. I found I was using the Olympus 12-40 most of the time. Not ideal for street photography though.

        Good luck with your shooting.

  4. I’ve been using the hashtag #itsthattreeagain on Instagram for a series of shots of a walnut tree through the season on the route of my dog walk near where I live. Curiously satisfying 😉

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