Friday Image No. 93

Sony RX10, four images, ISO80, f/6.3, 1/50"
Sony RX10, four images, ISO80, f/6.3, 1/50″

This is Mam Tor in the Peak District. Given that I live on the edge of the Peak District and this location is just a 40-minute drive from my house (ignore the 1 hour walk once you get there) I seldom go. I don’t know why but the landscape never seems to appeal in the same way that the Lake District does.

This image was shot when we went for a walk. It’s actually 4 images shot on the Sony RX10 and then stitched in Lightroom. I used a 0.3 ND grad on the sky as although it was misty, the sky was still bright and causing the Sony to show those worrying zebra patterns that indicate over exposure. I know that I have about 1 stop of latitude when shooting RAW but I don’t like to push the RX10 too far. Once you pass the exposure point, the detail vanishes in an instant. It’s not like the EM5 or film where the overexposure gradually fades to white, it just vanishes with the Sony RX10. If you have one of these great cameras, watch out for this problem when shooting landscapes and try to use ND Grad filters.

Have a great weekend.

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