12 thoughts on “RWhalley_RX10_2016_02_DSC0563-Pano

  1. Is the vignetting topped bottom from post or did the light really look like that? In any case, stunning job. Just starting to work out the kinks in my newly acquired RX10.

    1. The starting image didn’t look anything like the finished product (except in my head). I will post a short tutorial soon explaining what I did. Nice moving buying the RX10. I’m using mine more and more.

  2. Is there a posting where you discuss your workflow and/or your printing process? Do you have a favorite type/brand of printing paper?

    1. I’m going to be posting a tutorial shortly on my Lenscraft website given there seems to be a bit of interest in the processing. As for printing papers, I used to like Ilford Gold Fibre (and still do) but I find I like the surface of Permajet Photo Art 270 better. Recently I bought some own brand Baryta paper from First Call Photographic and it’s excellent. The surface and feel is very similar to Canson Baryta but its about half the price. The result are excellent and have a very three dimensional feel. If I’m printing Matte (not often now) it’s Photo Rag Bright White 310.

  3. A very dramatic shot Robin and B&W suits the image very well. I would be very interested to know your work procedure in combining the 3 images. I have just photo stacked 3 images of an old railway bridge over the River Severn, but what I did do was to process the images first in Photoshop, lens correction and adjustments etc, and when all that was done I photo stacked the Tiff images in Photoshop. I have in the past stacked 8 images using this procedure. It would be interesting to know if you combine the images first and then process them, or do it as I have done.
    The printing papers I use are Cason Baryta Photograpique, Canson Platine Fibre Rag, Permajet FB Gold, & just purchased Permajet Titanium Lustre.
    Best Wishes.

    1. Thanks John. When I mentioned the image is three images combined I actually should have said three shots stitched into a panoramic. I don’t think focus stacking would have made any difference here as I was at infinity focus anyway.
      I compared the First Call paper with the Canson Baryta at the weekend with a friend and they appear very similar.

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