Friday Image No.79

Snow covered trees in the Lake District. Sony A7r, ISO100, f/14.0, 1/40".
Snow covered trees in the Lake District. Sony A7r, ISO100, f/14.0, 1/40″.

I shot this a couple of weeks back when I was lucky enough for a visit to the Lake District to coincide with a good snow fall. This isn’t though one of your grand, well known scenes but just a small layby along the road from Ambleside to Coniston, about 2 miles out of Ambleside.

I have driven past this location hundreds of times, sometimes catching a glimpse of a nice scene, but never sufficient to try to pull over and shoot it. The road is narrow and the layby often has a car in it. This time the photography gods must have been smiling on me as the layby was clear and the scene worth stopping for.

Funny how snow transforms the landscape

6 thoughts on “Friday Image No.79

  1. A very washed out picture. Benefits from added definition and contrast and som dininishing of highlights.

      1. Yes. I did the adjustments, and – only to my eyes of course! – I found the result more satisfying. (And I don’t go in for super-high contrast or HDR, etc.)

      2. Thanks for clarifying John. The image as shown is very close to the scene at the time. I have since experimented a little and rather than reducing the contrast, I tried out Topaz Clarity with a version that was slightly under exposed. It seemed to work quite well but was improved further when converted to black and white. When I threw in some grain it was improved again.

        BW version

  2. I love the editing you did on this one! 🙂 Looks very silky and still nicely textured! I wouldn’t add any extra contrast.

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