Friday Image No.67

Penmon LIghthouse, Anglesey, North Wales
Penmon LIghthouse, Anglesey, North Wales

I’m currently working my way through part of my image backlog and suspect this will be an ongoing challenge for at least the next few years. I have fallen badly behind in the processing of images and now need to catch up. I will continue to share some of these through the blog as my work progresses but you will find they have been shot with all manner of cameras depending on how far back I am working.

This particular image is a daytime long exposure captured with the Nikon D800 I owned for a couple of months last year. The camera didn’t work out for me and at the time I didn’t think the image quality was anything exceptional. It’s strange how a little distance from the time of shooting can change your perceptions. I now find these RAW files quite flexible and easy to work with. And when I apply a reasonable amount of sharpening the images really pop. In the end I don’t think I acted too quickly as I really didn’t enjoy shooting with the camera.

The shot here was tripod mounted and used a Lee 10 stop filter to create the long exposure. The location is Penmon on the Anglesey Coast (North Wales). The image was a little blue due to the colour cast of the filter but this was easily corrected in Nik Color Efex Pro using the colour correction slider in the Pro Contrast filter. This filter is incredibly useful and I tend to use it with many of my images to adjust contrast and colour balance.

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