Photographing North Wales

Anglesey, North Wales
Anglesey, North Wales

I recently posted an article about a new book I had purchased which described photographic locations in The Peak District. Spurred on by my success in finding such a great book I decided to see what other photo location books were available for the UK, and which might cover locations I regularly visit. That’s when I came across “Photographing North Wales” on Amazon.

Photographing North Wales
Photographing North Wales

The book has now arrived and on first skim it appears to be of a similar quality to the Peak District book (the authors and publisher are different). It’s quite expensive until you consider the information it contains. Again I expect this will save me plenty of research although I know and have photographed a few of the locations. Despite this there are many, many more locations that are completely new to me. The locations appear to be well illustrated which gives a good idea of what to expect and this is supplemented with a detailed, factual description. I can’t wait to try out some of these.

I have now purchased a third book that I expect to arrive in the next week. This one covers the Yorkshire Dales, another area that I visit quite regularly but don’t always have a great deal of success. I will report back when that book arrives.

5 thoughts on “Photographing North Wales

  1. North Wales is a great place Robin, but as I live in South Wales I do prefer it down this way. The coast from South to West Wales is amazing. I’ve taken some awesome photos with just the iPhone and then spiced them up with Snapseed. My new Sony a6000 has arrived and I’m loving it! Much easier to use than the RX100mk3 I had before it! My new camera case will be here this week so I’ll be taking it out of the house for the first time this weekend! Can’t wait 😊

    1. I have to admit that it does take some time to get from South Wales to the North (and vic versa). I have only been to the South of Wales a couple of times for photography but there are some great locations. Let me know how you find the a600. Sony have a great line up of cameras and I think they are particularly well suited to Landscapes. The Greens and Blues are particularly nice.

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