Friday Image No. 61

Olympus EM5. Irregular blurring in Lightroom 6 using a Radial Filter
Olympus EM5. Irregular blurring in Lightroom 6 using a Radial Filter

At the moment I have a really strong feeling that I want to shoot some coastal scenes. I haven’t been getting out very much at all with my camera as there have been too many other things that I need to do that unfortunately don’t relate to photography. The best I can do is content myself with looking back over past images and choosing some to reprocess.

I then started to process the image above in Lightroom which is where I came across a rather interesting feature that I think is new in Lightroom v6. At least I don’t recall it in an earlier version. When using tools such as the Gradient Filter or Radial Filter a mask is automatically created. There is now a collection of brushes within these tools that allow you to refine the masks. Experimenting with a Radial Filter I was able to make the selective adjustments to blur irregular areas of the image. I’m going to investigate this further and will probably pull together a short piece about it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

One thought on “Friday Image No. 61

  1. Hey Robin.

    Deja vu or what? I’m sure you’ve published that one before. Or am I dreaming it?

    I do wake up confused mate and it only gets worse as the day progresses. So it might just be me.

    Anyway – still a great read and an eye opener too to the Lightroom brushes that you mention.




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