Installing Lightroom 6

Sony RX10, Nantes, France
Sony RX10, Nantes, France

Last week saw the launch of Lightroom Creative Cloud 2015 or Lightroom 6 as most people seem to know it as. On paper the upgrade didn’t look too dramatic with the exception of a new “Merge to…” option which could produce HDR images or Panoramic images. Despite this limited benefit I decided to install the upgrade as being a Creative Cloud subscriber, it costs me nothing.

The install appeared to go smoothly except that the software wouldn’t start up following installation. A friend who was also installing the software at the same time emailed me to say that he was having the same problem but had been advised to sign out of the Creative Cloud and then sign back in again. This appeared to work for him but when I tried it the software still failed to start.

Eventually I decided to remove the install and repeat the installation. Unfortunately the second installation failed with an error. I tried repeating it but it continued to fail. I restarted the PC but still no luck. In the end I waited until the following day when the Creative Cloud desktop tool reported that I had Lightroom CC 2015 installed (which I didn’t).

I decided to uninstall Lightroom and then repeat the installation. This worked fine and the software was installed without further problem. When I came to run Lightroom I had the same problem as the previous day where nothing would happen. I repeated the process of signing out of the Creative Cloud desktop and then signing back in, but again no luck. At this point I thought I didn’t want to waste any more time so opened up a chat session with the Adobe support team.

After about 15 minutes of waiting the strangest thing happened. The new version of Lightroom sprung into life without me doing anything and asked which Lightroom catalogue I wanted to upgrade. One this completed the application opened and has been working fine ever since.

And as it worth the effort? Yes it was.

As for the image, there is no connection with the article other than to say it was converted from a RAW file using the new Lightroom CC.

3 thoughts on “Installing Lightroom 6

  1. I had weird things happen to. But if I might say the hdr is terrible and if that’s all it’s about I wasted all that time for nothing! lol

    1. I just tried out the HDR feature and it made some alignment errors that made the image look soft. The tone mapping isn’t great either. What is good though is the Panorama stitching. I’m a fan already. As for the rest of the new features, where are they?

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