Not much to say for myself

Sand patterns
Sand patterns

It doesn’t happen often but I don’t have anything to actually say for myself today. I also feel a little frustrated that I’m looking through my library of work over the past year and I’m somewhat under-inspired by my efforts. Some things catch my attention but when I look more closely I lose interest. I think I need a few days break over the Christmas period.

I will leave you with this moderately interesting sand pattern from the beach at New Brighton.

13 thoughts on “Not much to say for myself

  1. And I thought it was a macro of a fingerprint!

    Glad I’m not the only one that has days like that!

    But a lively pic nonetheless.

    Roger K


  2. Hi Robin:
    yeah, sounds like you need a few days off! (Your photos over past few months- mostly very impressive). AND A BIG THANK YOU for the “heads up” for the discount pricing on Amazon for your wonder collection of books on the Google NIK filters/ plugin software. (I’ll do the 2 week trial after I go thru the books, and have some time to play with the software– then decide if i want spend the $$$ to get the Nik package. (Merry Christmas…)

    1. I love the Nik suite, I got it ages ago but Robin’s books have helped me utilise and understand it a lot more. If you love BW Silver Efex is the way to go 🙂

    2. Thanks Pablo. I think the Nik suite will impress. If you don’t find all the different options are to your taste check out Alien Skin Exposure 7. Some of the Topaz plug-ins are also good although it can be a task somethimes to prevent them looking a little like HDR images. Merry Christmas.

  3. Yeah its that time of year, when we are all tired and fed up I think. If its any consolation I have picked up my camera no more than 5-6 times this year, and really only one decent roadtrip away. Thats because I was incredibly busy at work with a staff member short til July and I have been studying seriously (part time) at the same time.

    But I passed my courses and an industry exam, and my hard work meant I could afford to buy the Lee Filters and I won a competition at work that just paid for 2/3 of a new Canon 7D Mk ii.

    And I have a trip to Tasmania booked in April, so I am hoping for more from my photography next year. Let it go for a few days and come back with a fresh perspective 🙂

      1. Yes all I need now is the 100-400 Mk ii lens and my bucket list is complete. But thats probably not going to happen any time soon now LOL

  4. I say you deserve s break. I have often wondered how you do what you do, books, photography, website…
    Take your break and we will be waiting for your return all fired up and ready to go.

    1. Thank you. I think it’s known as burning the candle at both ends. I dare not tell you what my other business is and how many hours that takes up. But don’t worry, I will be back and renewed soon. I also have my Grandson over from France at the moment so there is hardley a free minute.

  5. Robin
    I’ve got the perfect cure for photographers’ plateaux. It’s a booklet – superb value and inspiration.
    ‘The Photographers Coach’ by somebody called Robin Whalley – same name – what a coincidence!
    Happy Christmas.

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