New Book Launch

Offshore Wind Farm
Offshore Wind Farm

Some time back I posted the above image as a “Friday Image”. It drew quite a favourable response so I decided to include it in my latest book as one of the examples. The new book is now live on Amazon and is titled “Nik Efex from Start to Finish: Workflows and examples using the Nik Collection”.

I have now written detailed books for most of the Nik products and they continue to gain favourable reviews. But I have received quite a lot of mail from readers who want to understand more about how to integrate Nik filters into their workflow. What is the best approach, Lightroom or Photoshop? Should I use more than one filter? How do I decide which filter I should use? I have also had people ask where they can find more worked examples because these are so helpful.

I wrote this latest book because a lot of people need this help. There is no denying the Nik filters are incredibly powerful and can produce fabulous results, but they can be confusing. I hope this book will cut through a lot of the confusion for readers. The book also includes 5 detailed examples which are supported by a download file available from the members are of Lenscraft.

The new book is available from all Amazon stores and is priced at $2.99 or similar in your local currency. And if you are a member of my Lenscraft website you will shortly receive an email confirming details of my Christmas Sale which will include this title.

2 thoughts on “New Book Launch

    1. Thanks Laura, it’s actually a little more complicated than it looks. Most people assume it’s a cropped image but its actually a transformation of the sky to compress it and create the panoramic. Anyway, great that you like it.

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