Friday image No.033

Doorway in Nantes, France. Olympus EM5 + 12-40mm Olympus lens.
Doorway in Nantes, France. Olympus EM5 + 12-40mm Olympus lens.

I was in France this week to see my new Grandson. It doesn’t feel like two minutes since I was bringing my daughter home from hospital after she was born. Time passes so quickly. Anyway I thought I would share this shot of a typical French door. I just love the worn out look. I’m not sure if I like the black and white or colour shot best and find myself flipping between the two.

Doorway in Nantes, France
Doorway in Nantes, France

I hope you like one of the images and have a great weekend.

12 thoughts on “Friday image No.033

  1. I’m sure French doors and doorways could make a fantastic coffee table book. For whatever reason they are older/ more substantial / better decorated… and often more deliapidated than any in the UK.

    1. They are a great subject as they show elegance as well as age. I have a few more that I will post shortly. By contrast I have some from the docks area of Liverpool. They have shall we say a very different character.

  2. As one who would normally go for the black and white, the deep rusty browns against the dark blues definitely take the interest. If one is only looking at shape and geometry, then the B/W works well, but the subtle dark and rich color wins. A very satisfying photo. It makes one think that perhaps Robespierre might be exiting through the door to ask you a few dangerous questions about your political involvements!

    1. Thanks John. I do have to admit that I boosted the blue in order to contrast with the brown of the door, so I’m pleased you noticed. Strangely enough I did have to keep stopping to allow people through the door (although they weren’t from the 18th century). I did receive some strange looks though.

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