Friday image No.014

Hail storm in North Wales
Hail storm in North Wales

This week’s Friday Image is taken from last weekend’s trip to Wales. It’s such a shame the weather didn’t come up to expectations but then again there were periods of dramatic light and weather. Here you can see a hail storm crossing the valley.

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday image No.014

  1. Very dramatic sky there, Robin. Is the graininess sensor noise, or added grain? I’m looking at it on a Retina screen, which may enhance the effect, I wonder.

    1. It’s a few things contributing to the look. Firstly there is grain added, a lot of grain. But I was lazy and added the grain whilst the image wias full sized so whilst it good for printing at A3, by the time it’s reduced to 1200 pixels on the long side it looks harsh. At least it does if yu use Bicubic Sharper reduction in Photoshop because you are being lazy (did I already say I was being lazy). Then I added a lot of structure, perhaps too much given how lazy I was. Finally (oops) I didn’t downsize to 1200pixels but 800. I suspect the image is suffering pixelation on your screen as it is on mine. I have just replaced it with a 1200 pixel version which looks better. By the way I was still being lazy with the grain and sampling.

      1. Well, that is full disclosure, to be sure. And I learned something from it too, so thankyou. 🙂

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