Not Finding Time for Photography

One of the images I found time to prepare for my recent presentation. 4 images shot on a GX1 and stitched in Hugin.
One of the images I found time to prepare for my recent presentation. 4 images shot on a GX1 and stitched in Hugin. Click the image to see a larger version.

I need to go slightly off topic today in order to gain some personal therapy.

You see I have a problem at the moment. I seem to be working very hard but not finding any time for photography. By photography I mean the act of actually taking a picture. Instead my life is a round of activities that don’t progress any of my goals photographically. Unfortunately it’s all my own fault. Allow me to describe a few examples.

Last night I gave a presentation at a camera club. I really enjoy doing these and this was no exception. You always end up meeting groups of really nice people who love photography, so what could be better. Unfortunately I reviewed my usual presentation a few weeks before the meet and decided I needed to update it. I don’t think anyone would have been any the wiser had I left it the way it was but I decided it had to be updated. The update wasn’t however a few tweaks and picture changes. No, I decided on a full re-write in order to satisfy my personal standards.

That is just one example. A further example is the updating of my PC which I did back in April. When I made the switch I found that I couldn’t simply move my website across to the new PC because the authoring software I use wouldn’t work properly. The same problem happened with the email software I use to send out newsletters and updates. I have now managed to move the website after weeks of trying but I couldn’t fix the email problem. I have therefore cut my losses and invested in new email/mailing list software which to be honest is a decision I should have made weeks ago.

All this time, I have a new Olympus camera sitting unused. What am I thinking? My camera equipment might be lightweight as is my post processing, but my life isn’t. I look at some of the other blogs that I subscribe to and I feel almost inadequate. One blog (sethsnap) seems to post a set (not just one but a set) of new images daily.

I think I need to stop making decisions that burn my time and keep me away from doing what I love – taking pictures. Does anyone else have the same problem?

10 thoughts on “Not Finding Time for Photography

  1. Really enjoyed your presentation last night at Bury PS. One of your comments in particular struck a chord, that we become fixated with having the best equipment (guilty) and you made me realise this is no substitute for practicing and learning from just going out taking photos. I’m also guilty of photographing things that don’t REALLY interest me, thus coming home disappointed with my images. How can we expect to get great images if the subject isn’t inspiring? Thanks for helping me see more clearly!

    1. Hi Sue I’m pleased you enjoyed the presentation and thanks for the feedback. I hope the information helps you look at photography differently and improve. I have been using the approach for a few years now and it seems to be working. Hope to see you on my blog again in the future.

  2. First of all, a beautiful landscape photo Robin. Secondly, I do have the problem of not going out to purposely shoot because I’m caught up in life/work issues. Mind you my photography consists of anything and everything so I probably don’t fall into the same category as you. I would imagine it takes a more concentrated effort to go out to shoot landscapes in good light than it does to shoot, say, a rusty can in an alley. Regardless, shooting is shooting and when the time comes I’m sure you’ll be ready and “focused” and the time spent away would have been worth it.

    1. Thanks and I’m very pleased you like the landscape. I think I am feeling a little down because I have been making life hard for myself. I have a trip this weekend so I hope to share some images from the OMD.

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