Friday Image No.57

Do you ever have the experience of seeing one of your photographs and thinking “I really like this but I don’t know why”? You continue to look at the image and convince yourself that it’s poor or boring and move on. A few minutes later it catches your eye again and you think yes I … Continue reading Friday Image No.57

Friday Image No.56

This week’s Friday Image is another from my recent revisit of Wells Cathedral. What I am finding interesting is that this trip appears to have many more image that I like than my previous trip. I don’t know if I have developed as a photographer (I certainly hope so) or if there is another factor. … Continue reading Friday Image No.56

Not Following my Own Advice

I recently wrote a short tutorial titled “The Best ISO Setting”. Whilst you can of course read it by following the link, it comes down to this, the best ISO to use is the one that lets you capture a sharp image. It’s much better to suffer a little ISO noise than have a shaky … Continue reading Not Following my Own Advice