Friday Image No. 121

Friday Image No. 121

Today I thought I would share an image I shot back in May2016. It’s taken in one of my favorite countries – America. I love visiting the USA. It’s a vast country with a varied and stunning landscape. I also find the people very friendly and polite so it usually makes for a great trip. [...]

Friday Image No. 111

This isn’t my usual style of image but I thought I would share it. The shot was taken on my trip to America earlier in the year. The location is a Cannon Beach which I absolutely loved. It reminds me a lot of St Ives in Cornwall but with an American slant. It seems somehow [...]

Friday Image No.95

For the Friday image this week, I wanted to share another shot from my recent trip. The rock in the frame is rather famous (I could find a Wikipedia page anyway and is called Haystack Rock. It’s located at Canon Beach in Oregon which is a fantastic place to visit. It's a little like [...]

The LWP Loves America

Firstly an apology for not having posted anything for a couple of weeks now. This is because I have been away in America; Acadia National Park in Maine to be precise. This is my second trip of the year to the States and I have to declare that I love America. I love the larger [...]