This Camera Rocks

First, I must apologise for the visual pun and poor quality of my humour. I also must admit to a rather strange fascination with rock and a desire to photograph rock. I can’t put my finger on why but I just love the texture and sometimes the colour of rock. The image above is typical … Continue reading This Camera Rocks

More Details

I have to admit that I have never been very good at taking detail shots. I’m not talking here about macro work but about identifying and shooting abstract details and patterns close up. This is the sort of work that photographers such as David Ward have become well known for.  It’s not that I don’t … Continue reading More Details

I’m Getting Closer

Firstly I want to say there has been a great response to my previous post about my search for a Micro 43 bag. Thanks to everyone who has added comments and to those who have emailed me with various suggestions. I really appreciate your help and there have been some great ideas which I am … Continue reading I’m Getting Closer

Camera Bag Frustration

I am feeling happy once more. My frustration with not taking my camera out has subsided somewhat. At the weekend just gone I was up in the Lake District with my new camera at one of the best locations you can imagine – Haweswater. Unless you are familiar with the Lakes it’s unlikely you have … Continue reading Camera Bag Frustration

Saying Goodbye

I did it. I sold my 5D MKII and now own an Olympus OMD E5. It’s much smaller and lighter than the 5D and whilst I have yet to take it out on a shoot, I feel somehow liberated. I will miss the 5D and the excellent image quality. It was incredibly well built but … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

My Landmark Image

This is an image, a landmark image, that I need to share with you. Now I suspect you are asking yourself what on earth is he talking about. This is a typical, pretty, stock shot but there's nothing landmark about it. Has he lost the plot and gone off at the deep end. But stay … Continue reading My Landmark Image

The best thing to have with you in a Desert

Stop for a moment and think about the answer to the following question. What is the single best thing to have with you in a desert? The answer is a Sony RX100. If there is one subject matter I really love to photograph its sand and where else do you find lots of sand but … Continue reading The best thing to have with you in a Desert

Upgrading my LX5

I have mentioned here before that this will be the year that I finally upgrade my beloved LX5. Not because it doesn’t perform but because it’s being surpassed by new technology that has a lot more to offer me. My intention however was to earn the cost of the upgrade by selling Microstock, something I … Continue reading Upgrading my LX5

My Lightweight Microstock Experiment

After my last blog post about my Camera Wish List, it got me thinking that I will probably want to upgrade my trusty LX5 at some point over the next year. There is nothing currently on the market that would make me switch but I suspect there will be over the next 12 months. Why? … Continue reading My Lightweight Microstock Experiment

My Compact Camera Wish List

With Christmas approaching my mind has turned to some of the new compact cameras on the market. Why this should happen I don’t exactly know because I remain a huge fan of the LX5. What this has confirmed to me however is that whilst there are some very nice cameras on the market, none make … Continue reading My Compact Camera Wish List