Friday image No.019

Following my last post where I was sharing my first experiences of the Olympus 25mm lens, I thought I would share another image. I shot quite a few images that I would class as "texture" but I found this brickwork particularly fascinating. The salt crystals corroding the bricks make a great pattern and the lens … Continue reading Friday image No.019

New Lens for the EM5

Along with my recent purchase of a Panasonic Lumix GM1, I also picked up an Olympus 25mm prime lens. This weekend I had my first opportunity to use it properly. My first general impression is that the lens is well constructed and feels to have a nice level of quality. It’s nice to see that … Continue reading New Lens for the EM5

A new lens in the bag

To be totally honest, it’s actually two new lenses in the bag. The first is a 14mm prime which I picked up very cheaply. It was originally part of a Panasonic G series camera kit, but was sold separately having never been used (there are a lot of these on the market at present). The … Continue reading A new lens in the bag

Lightroom Lens Correction for Micro 4/3

This is just going to be a short blog today but I’m sure it’s going to answer a question quite a few Lightroom users have. If you shoot in RAW format then you will be using a RAW converter to convert your images to a picture format such as TIFF or JPG. This is one … Continue reading Lightroom Lens Correction for Micro 4/3

Which Micro 4/3 Lens for Landscapes

Something I find really valuable is the Statistics module of my blog. Not only does this show me how my readership is growing but also how people have found my blog. One of the most interesting aspects of this is the section on search terms used as often these are people looking for answers to … Continue reading Which Micro 4/3 Lens for Landscapes

Why I Changed my Camera

In the past I have received quite a bit of correspondence from people wondering why I changed my camera from the Sony NEX-5 to a GX1. There is also a fairly regular flow of people wondering what I think of the GX1 or the Panasonic system in general and is it worth investing in. Since … Continue reading Why I Changed my Camera

Help Needed to Limit Equipment

One of the benefits of the Lightweight photography approach is as the name suggests that it’s lightweight. This becomes particularly true where you are engaging in another activity which compliments your photography but which is physically demanding. This is certainly the case with one of my other pursuits, Hill Walking. You need to keep equipment … Continue reading Help Needed to Limit Equipment