Abstract Landscape Photography and a Formby Beach Sunset

This week’s photo post is out a day early. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I want to take some time off over the festive season. I’m also recovering from the dreaded virus, despite having been double jabbed. Fortunately, it was very mild and I’m now out of isolation in time for Christmas.

Before I succumbed to the virus, I did manage an outing to Formby Beach, where the light and sunset was amazing. Here’s one from the late in the day. I’m a real sucker for sand ripples and pools reflecting the sky.

Formby Beach at Sunset. Fuji XT3 with Fuji 10-24 lens.

I shot this with the Fuji XT3 with Fuji 10-24 lens at 10mm. It’s a tripod-mounted exposure of 1/3” at f/13.0 and ISO200. I had the tripod nice and low and used a 3 stop Kase Reverse ND Grad filter on the sky. The RAW processing was done in DxO PhotoLab 5 with some additional post-processing work in the Nik Collection.

The video from this trip shows me shooting abstract landscape photography but it gives an idea of the area. If you would like to watch, it’s just gone live on YouTube https://youtu.be/CYe8XhBa-NE.

As this will be my final post of the year, I’ll finish by wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

17 thoughts on “Abstract Landscape Photography and a Formby Beach Sunset

  1. For all the pictures you’ve shared with us, including processing and mounting hints, I thank you for your generosity, For this past year, and years past. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. I notice you made mention that you processed the Fuji files in DxO Photolab. DXO is in beta and only allows minimal changes. What are you doing in Photolab? It would be interesting to all the Fuji users

    1. Yes, it’s only Beta and I think it still needs some improvement to compete but the results are promising. I’m not going to answer your question here though as I have a video coming out in a few weeks time on this.

      1. Thank you and Merry Xmas to you and your family. I am a real fan of your site and you in particular. You tell it like it is and honestly. I have learned a lot

  3. Glad you are over the dreaded lurgy in time for the holidays. All the very best for the holidays and New Year. And thank you for everything you do – videos, newsletter, books etc. Always much appreciated. Cheers, Janet


  4. Merry Christmas, Robin.

    I enjoy your photography and have learned a lot from you over the years. Glad to hear you are doing well.
    Best in the new year, Pablo

  5. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog, just started one today myself 🙂 I’m a sucker for sand ripples aswell, that’s a lovely photo. Hope you had a nice new year!

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