More Forgotten Images

One of the great things about having a large back catalogue of images is that you can always find something new. This week I spent some time looking back at some images I shot in Cornwall 2015. Previously I’ve only processed a couple of these, but now that I’m looking at them, I can see quite a few that I like including this one.

Godrevy, Cornwall. Olympus EM5 with Olympus 12-40 lens.

The location is Godrevy in Cornwall, June 2015. I was using the Olympus EM5 at the time and I’m quite surprised at how good the image quality is. The lens is the Olympus 12-40 Pro lens at 12mm. Again, I’m surprised at how close I could get to the Sea Pinks in the foreground and still hold the detail in the more distant cliffs.

In terms of settings, the camera was mounted on a tripod which I had as low to the ground as I could manage. The exposure is 1/50” at ISO200 with an aperture of f/7.1. I should probably have used f/8.0 looking at it now. The flowers nearest to the camera aren’t quite as sharp as I would have liked. I also used a 2 stop ND Grad filter on the sky.

You can see two other shots from the same evening on my Instagram account.

This Week’s YouTube Video

Another image you will see on my Instagram account from this week is the following.

Scottish Highlands at dawn. Fuji XT3

The reason for sharing this image is that I used it in this week’s YouTube video, processing it with On1 Photo Effects. I wanted to demonstrate some of On1’s editing tools that are often ignored because we have grown used to them.

This image was processed using one of the Landscape Presets and a couple of other tools. In the video I try to make the point that we often become locked into a way of editing our photography. As a result, we often overlook or ignore useful and powerful tools.

Even if you don’t use On1, you might still find the video interesting as the same point applies to any editing software. Here’s the link to watch the video on YouTube (

I hope you like the images and have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “More Forgotten Images

  1. I am „afraid“ of wides and have stiff joints to get low. But I see, there is noother way… Thanks for the images and a reason to do it and leave the comfort zone 🙂

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