Does this Photo Work for You?

This week I want to share a shot from 2016.

Lyn Gwynant, Snowdonia, Fuji XT1 with Fuji 16-55 lens.

The lake in the scene is Llyn Gwynant in Snowdonia, Wales. I’ve visited this location quite a few times in various conditions but never shot a good sunset.

Lyn Gwynant, Snowdonia, Fuji XT1 with Fuji 16-55 lens.

In fact, until the other day, I would include the images you see here in that statement. Despite trying at the time, when I processed these images, I found the results disappointing. They completely failed to live up to my expectations yet now I like them.

So, what changed?

The honest answer is I don’t know. Yes, I’ve improved and expanded my editing skills since 2016 but not to that degree. The software I use has also improved but again, it shouldn’t make this much difference. Now when I process these shots, everything just seemed to slot into place as I want it to.

If anyone has any ideas do let me know because it has me scratching my head; I don’t want to have to wait 5 years after a shoot to produce an image I like from it.

In terms of processing these images, they both use exposure blending. Whilst I was using an ND Grad filter when I shot these, I couldn’t use a strong enough filter because of the hills cutting the horizon. Eventually I decided to bracket the shots in case I needed to use exposure blending (which I did). After that it was a small tweak in the Nik Collection using Nik Viveza and Color Efex Pro to open the shadows more.

Exposure Blending in Affinity Photo

Last week I shared my exposure blending video using Adobe Photoshop. This generated a few emails and comments asking how to do the same thing in Affinity Photo, so this week I’ve published that video. If you want to see how this works using one of the above images, here the link to the video on YouTube.

New Affinity Photo Book

The other big news for me this week is that I published my latest book titled Affinity Photo How To. It explains how to accomplish some common editing tasks in Affinity Photo, like how to crop or sharpen a photo, or how to refine a mask. But what’s special about this book is that it expands the chosen 25 subjects in a way that builds your understanding of Affinity Photo, delving deep into different areas.

Affinity Photo How To book cover

If you’re interested in the book, it costs £6.49 (or similar in other currencies) and can be purchased from my Lenscraft site or from Amazon (affiliate link).

I’m now working on a print version of the book which I hope to publish in the next 2-3 weeks.

I hope you enjoy the images and video and have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Does this Photo Work for You?

  1. Thank you for your current Newsletter. I don’t have any suggestions about your not being able to create images like you did before. But I do feel you did well in

    1. Creating an Affinity Photo video on Exposure Blending (Thanks from your non-Photoshop fans).

    2. How you Advertised your new book Affinity Photo How to… At first I was reluctant to consider it, as I have many of your Affinity Photo eBooks. But when I downloaded your preview, which included the Table of Contents, I was sold. It was what I needed to better do my work with Affinity. So I bot it from your website, and am looking forward to reading it, and then referring to those sections that specifically address my challenges at hand. (Hey, you’re not the only one having problems…)

    Wei Chong

    1. Thank you very much for your support. Also, be sure to read all the chapters in the new book, even when you think you know a topic. I’ve added lots of additional and detailed information into the chapters so they aren’t just about performing a task. They build out your knowledge in lots of different areas. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Hello Robin,

    As one of those who practically hounded you to publish this book on the use of the essential features of Affinity Photo, I feel a bit derelict in waiting even just this short time since you announced that it was now available to be purchased. I own quite a number of your ebooks, at least those that pertain to my interests, & this has long been on my list after being first a beta tester for AP, & an early adopter of it. I’m trying basically to get by with my Fuji mirrorless system by using Capture One for most things but then turning to AP instead of using LR & PS as before. I still have to dive into PS for some features needed to edit astrophotography images; & everytime I do, I wish it was as well organized & user friendly as AP. Hopefully this will get me spending more time with AP & less with PS.

    I look forward to using this new guide to refinforce or rid of some my rusty areas & learn new ones along the way. Thanks for making this available for those wanting to take full advantage of all that AP has to offer. Cheers,


    1. Hi Jed,
      I’m very pleased that you did “hound me” into writing my first book. I really like Affinity Photo and find it a great tool for photo editing. I hope you like the new book as much as the first.

  3. Hi Robin: you may be interested to know that SERIF, is offering their entire suite of products, including Affinity Photo for 90 day free trial and selling their products for 1/2 price– as a way to encourage “creatives” for the extended period of Covid-19 related impact on their lives. So, your book coming out just now is a nice time to grab it and download AP and see if it is a go. (BTW, do you know; I think I can use the NIK plug-ins with AP?). THANKS

    1. Yes, I got the email yesterday and think it’s an excellent deal. I went through everything in their shop but only found 2 things I didn’t have. I decided I don’t want the overlays pack or a T-shirt so left it. It is a great deal though. Yes, you can use the Nik Collection with Affinity – see this week’s YouTube video on Friday for an example. Just be sure you are using the latest version of Nik because older versions have some bugs and play up with some installations.

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