Friday Image No. 198

Fuji X-T1 with 10-24mm lens. ISO200, 1/10" at f/8.0. 0.6 ND Grad filter. Tripod mounted.
Fuji X-T1 with 10-24mm lens. ISO200, 1/10″ at f/8.0. 0.6 ND Grad filter. Tripod mounted.

I’m going to start by apologising for showing this image. I have shown it in the past, well a similar one anyway. The reason I’m sharing it again is that I’ve been experimenting further with Alien Skin Exposure X4.

I shot this image back in 2016 using a Fuji X-T1. At the time I recognised the potential of the Fuji system but couldn’t achieve a good conversion of the RAW files using Lightroom or Photoshop. I almost gave up on the Fuji entirely but decided to try the X-T2 because I liked using the camera so much. The X-T1 went back as a trade in and I stuck with the X-T2 which is now my main camera.

Although I deleted most of the images shot with the X-T1, I did keep a few of the RAW files. I thought that I would keep these to test RAW converters in the future. That’s why I’m sharing this image now as I processed it using Exposure X4 and I’ve very happy with the results. When I processed this originally using Lightroom, the trees had a terrible wiggly pattern and it lost the fine details. Using Exposure X4 the image is full of detail and very sharp. It’s also made a great job of recovering the shadows in the image.

I think when I have some time I’m going to do a review of a few popular RAW converters processing Fuji RAW files. I think it will make for an interesting experiment.

If you haven’t seen my latest video showing my recommended Exposure workflow, you can watch it on Youtube.

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 198

  1. Hello Robin,

    I hope that you do find the time to do a review of some of the currently popular RAW converters for processing Fuji’s X-Trans RAW files. Along with Alien Skin Exposure X4, I hope you include Iridient X Transformer, Affinity Photo, Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw & Capture One converters of the Fuji RAW. There are others out there as well but these options interest me the most. And with the introduction of Fuji’s X-T3 with its new X-Trans4 sensor & quad four processor, it would be interesting to include some RAW conversion comparisons for this as well if you could obtain some RAW files from this new camera. BTW, I would also be very interested to read your review or assessment of the new X-T3 from your perspective as a landscape photographer. I know it has a lot to offer folks shooting video, action or sporting events, but wonder if the image quality, dynamic range improvements & expanded ISO range that it offers would also be of any significant benefit for other types of photography also.


    1. Thanks Jed. I will look at doing something but I won’t be able to review all the options you mention in a single review. I will try to work something out but I won’t be able to look at the X-T3. At least not until some kind sole at Fuji take pity on me and sends me one to review. I don’t think I can invest in any more camera equipment for a while.

  2. Hello
    A few months ago, you started to comment on different image editors. Unfortunately, there were not many…
    I imagine that this represents a lot of work and especially a consequent investment in time (not to mention the purchase (?) of software).
    Do you know PhotoLab from DXO? Do you have an opinion on this software?
    I downloaded a trial version a few days ago and I have to say that I am quite impressed with what it gives. There are also downsides: you have to use another program for cataloguing and PhotoLab is quite expensive (in my opinion). But the settings for working on RAW files are very easy to use.

    I wish you a very good day

    1. Hi Andre, I haven’t forgotten about this but as you say, it involves a lot of time and also expense. I have to purchase the editors and work with them for some time before starting to comment. I have used DxO PhotoLab before it was called that and I have used a trial version of the PhotoLab software. The RAW file conversion quality appears good but it has a major sticking point for me which until fixed will stop me purchasing it. They don’t support the Fuji RAW files which is the majority of my photography.
      You may find the following page on my website of interest

  3. Dear Robin,
    A big thank you for your answer to my question about DXO PhotoLab.
    I still find it curious that some image editors do not (well) deal with the RAW files coming from Fuji.
    You’d have to push a big mouth ;-).
    Thanks for the link to the page with the comments on the editors. There are some of which I had never heard of…
    I look forward to seeing the next Friday Image.

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