On the road to Keld in the Yorkshire Dales

Friday Image No. 181

On the road to Keld in the Yorkshire Dales
On the road to Keld in the Yorkshire Dales. Fuji XT2, 55-200 lens, 1″ at f/16.0 and ISO 100. Filters and processing are given in blog post.

Last weekend I was out shooting in Yorkshire Dales, although it started as a trip to Cumbria and a location I had never visited before. Here is one of the shots that I took and for once, it was only a couple of meters from where we parked the car.

I was able to blur the movement of the water using a combination of my Kase polarising filter and 3 stop ND filter. This slowed the shutter speed just enough to create the blur but retain some of the detail in the water. I made sure that I rotated the polariser fully before deciding on the correct position where the movement was most obvious.

The RAW file was converted using Lightroom and post-processing effects were added in Alien Skin Exposure X3. This involved applying the Kodak Ektar film effect, followed by selective adjustments to emphasise the movement of the water.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “Friday Image No. 181”

  1. Well done, and thank you! I don’t take the trouble to thank you regularly for your images and for what you have taught me, but I much appreciate both.

  2. Very nice image; almost like an impressionist painting. Hope the weather stays good for you up in the north.

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