Selecting Inkjet Paper Tutorial

Inside York Minster. Fuji X-T2 with 10-24 lens. Good printer profiles and the ability to handle the subtle tones are essential aspects of the inkjet paper required to print this image well.

Following a few recent requests via email and on the blog, I have published a new article on my Lenscraft website. This provides advice about selecting inkjet paper for photo printing. I had intended for this to be a short article but it ran to 2,500 words in the end. I hope it helps those of you struggling to make sense of all the options.

If anyone has other articles they would like to see published drop me a note via the Lenscraft Contact form and I will see what I can do.

4 thoughts on “Selecting Inkjet Paper Tutorial

  1. Thank you Robin, this is an interesting subject! At present I use an Epson printer (I forgot the model) and it seems to have pre-loaded firmware profiles for Epson papers, thus I stick to these, but in general it is very useful to have information about the possible choices and the appropriate profiles. Cheers, Andrea

    1. I would encourage you to explore papers other than Epson. There are some wonderful alternatives out there, often cheaper and sometimes better (in my opinion). If your prints don’t look like you could reach into them then some of the papers I mention may really surprise you (especially the Ilford Gold).

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