Mastering Photoshop Masks

I’m very excited to announce the launch today of my latest book, Mastering Photoshop Masking”. Initially I was going to write a book dedicated to Luminosity Masking. This is a subject often overcomplicated by people who, I’m sure would like to keep the secrets to themselves. On starting to develop the book, it quickly became apparent that I needed to cover other forms of masking as well. The book therefore details Painted Masks, Channel Masking, Luminosity Masking, Selection Techniques and Mask Refinement Techniques.

The book is aimed at Photographers who would like to adjust their images in Photoshop but who have little or no knowledge of masking. Whilst a familiarity with Photoshop is assumed, everything you need to know to understand mask creation is explained in full.

Mastering Photoshop Masks Book Cover
Mastering Photoshop Masks Book Cover

In addition to lots of examples throughout the text, there are several worked examples at the end of the book. These include a full-length example showing how the cover image of the book was created. You can download the starting files to follow the examples on your own computer. I have also included the many of the finished images in Photoshop PSD format, with the masks in place for you to examine.

The book is available now on Amazon priced £4.99, $5.99 or similar in your country. Next task on my list is to develop a video course for those who prefer video to reading.

13 thoughts on “Mastering Photoshop Masks

  1. Many thanks, Robin! I’ve purchased a copy and look forward to learning about luminosity masks. I’ve wanted to learn about them for a long time, but the proposition has always seemed a little daunting. I’m sure your book will demystify this process. Thanks for all you do for landscape photography. Cheers, Bob

    1. I suspect you have encountered one of the limitations that have been placed on purchasing from Amazon. Typically this happens when your trying to buy using either an app or the Amazon Mobile website from an Apple device. I was able to replicate your experience by trying to access the Amazon website from my iPhone. That automatically places you on the mobile version of the Amazon site where you see this restriction. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon home page you should see a link in the footer to access the full website. Click that and then you should be able to make the purchase. Alternatively, access Amazon from a desktop using a browser such as Firefox and all should be well. It’s frustrating isn’t it.

  2. Hello Robin,

    I’m writing in anticipation of starting work in your Mastering Photoshop Masks ebook. I’m just finishing reading (& frequently re-reading & re-doing the examples in) your Photoshop Layers: Professional Strength Image Editing book, which has really opened my eyes to the powers of layers, particularly when combined with masking capabilities. The masking lessons, most significantly the luminosity masking functions, have really whetted my appetite to learn more about them in your new masking book. And if this latest effort is anything like the one I’m just finishing, it will be a major help in getting me to these next stages of photo editing in PS. Maybe even, with much practice, getting me to the point of being able to accomplish a lot of what I do now in the possibly-soon-to-be-defunct Nik software collection. Many thanks for this latest book.


  3. Hi Robin
    I have couple of your books and am reading and learning from them right now. (I am on the road in Italy 🙂 ) They are great, just right for me. On my return home “Masks” will follow.
    I have no idea how publishing costs are made, but anyway my question or proposal: Would it be possible and how much would it cost to produce printed and ring-bound books? Images of Screens are small on my Kindle and the battery lasts very long, it has to be recharged occasionally.. I am just saying..
    Take care and continue in your splendid educational work!

    1. Hi Robert,
      I’m pleased you’re enjoying the books and find them useful.
      I’m not sure if your subscribed to my Lenscraft newsletter but I mentioned in there that I’m investigating printed versions. They do need to cover production costs though which has always been the barrier.

      1. Hi Robin
        Thank you for your replay. Yes, I am subscriber of your newsletter and I have read about printed versions. I wanted to stress the attribute of “ring-bound(ness?)”. This would be very practical, bound books have to be mishandled, otherwise they close themselves as soon one puts them on the table a starts to work with the keyboard and the mouse.
        They may be expensive though; I think some time ago Scott Kelby had one on offer, the ring-bound version was more expensive than the conventional bound version.

      2. Thanks Robert
        The problem I face is that I need to use print on demand services because of the cost, storage and shipping overheads of having a book printed myself. The ring binder idea is great but I haven’t yet come across anyone who can offer it. I will keep looking though and my intention is to publish printed material as soon as I can find a viable supplier.

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