Lenscraft is Back

The Lenscraft site is now back up and running with the performance issues fixed. We have needed to revert to a backup so it’s possible a couple of people who registered just prior to the problem may need to register again (although I think I have everyone).

Apologies for inconvenience caused.


7 thoughts on “Lenscraft is Back

  1. So sorry to hear of your issues I am just back from holiday and just picked up this email. I trust everything is now okay. I so enjoy your website and all that you do and share especially your freedom of information which is absolutely commendable and extremely valuable to all of us out here. So a massive thank you from me.

  2. I echo Roberts sentiments,you are a wonderful teacher and im finding your work so valuable.thanks
    One thing i would like to know,do you do any one to one or group photography courses at locations or are you planning in the future,this is something i would be interested in paying for

    1. Thanks Chris, much appreciated.
      On the subject of courses, I used to run both 1-2-1 and group days but they became far too time intensive. Depending on what the future holds I may restart them. If I do, I will let everyone know.

  3. Sorry to here of your site problems, and congratulations for getting it all fixed again. I have downloaded your free book off Amazon the weekend, only read a couple of chapters so far, but I must say it is highly recommended.
    Best Wishes.

    1. Thank John, I’m please you like the book.
      Also thanks for the support about the site. I do expect problems from time to time but I appear to have been a little unlucky in the past. It’s amazing how many emails I receive (that coincide with these problems) from “experts” letting me know my site is slow and that they could easily fix it for a fee. It sort of makes you think they might be behind the problem. Anyway, the good news is the site is back and performance is slightly better than before. A big thanks to my hosting company for great support.

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